SWTOR Weekly: If Only Our Dreams Could Come True Too

Hey everyone!

Welcome to another SWTOR Weekly for the 9th – 15th of February! This week, we had some interesting developments, game updates, anniversaries and peoples dreams coming true. So let’s get into shall we?

Oh and here’s the Vlog version of the Weekly if you prefer.


Road Map to Hell

So at the beginning of the week they finally released the Producer’s Road Map read out at the Pax South Cantina. There wasn’t that much difference between they read and what they officially posted later.

The Road Map was disappointing on two main counts. First of all it only goes up till the end of April and secondly, there is no mention of PvP content. So what the fuck?

I talk about this more in my Producer’s Road Map Blog Post.

Game Update 3.1

They deployed Game Update 3.1 two days late so they could get more stuff into the patch. I think it’s great that they are willing to do this!

We didn’t really get much in 3.1, the only noteworthy feature we got was the Legacy Mounting while moving perk which is my favourite new thing. I love it! I used to hate having to pause to get on and off my speeder. But now I can get on and off speeders and still be moving. This will come in very handy for Open World PvP!


Interesting Developments

Two things, first of all Shadow Realms was officially cancelled and EA launched a new Star Wars Game Website designed to give us all the latest news on all of EA’s Star Wars Games including SWTOR!

Both of these developments look very promising for SWTOR. They’ve repeatedly been going on about how they’ve got all these grand plans for SWTOR this year. So hopefully this is an indication that EA has taken an interest in SWTOR and wants to capitalise on the hype for The Force Awakens. It would be great if they took the opportunity to get back some old players and introduce new players to our favourite far far away galaxy.its-an-older-meme-sir-but-it-checks-out

I’m going to talk more about one way they should do this in an upcoming blog post.

Courtney the Dream Writer

Courtney Woods announced at the end of the week that she was offered an exciting new job opportunity at Bioware as a writer, her dream job. So congratulations Courtney on your new job posting. Hopefully the person who fills your shoes can do a good job.

Just a note to the community team, we loved the increase in communication especially the weekly emails the fansite/streaming/podcasting community got. We would appreciate it if you guys would keep up with this level of communication.

Community Anniversaries

We had a couple of milestones in the community this week. First off, Bad Feeling Podcast celebrated their one year anniversary! So congratulations! I love listening to you guys!

Secondly it is now two years since the #swtorfamily was created on Twitter by Madmar! So congratulations on bringing so many amazing SWTOR players together! I have interacted with and have gotten to know many players and discovered many from the community!


What did I get up to?

Well because of Double XP I decided to level a couple of my mid level alts up a couple of levels. So I levelled my Vanguard and Assassin up through Class Quests and PvP. It did feel good to go back and revisit the older planets again.

PvP wise this week, I was mostly on my midbies but I did try a couple of matches of Solo Ranked on my Merc and did some Regs as well.

I raided with my guildies, as per usual. We got 5/5 SM Ravagers and ToS and HM Sparky and Malaphor with little dramas. We’ll be having a good go at Bulo HM Monday night Australian time so fingers crossed we’ll get him down.

So that’s almost everything, I think. Thank you all for your support as always! What did you get up to this week and what do you think of this weeks developments? Do you think your SWTOR dreams will come true this year?

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