SWTOR Weekly: Flimsy Hammer’s, Streaming Promises and Ch-ch-chaaanges.

Hey everyone,

This week in SWTOR (26th Jan – 1st Feb) they did some maintenance.. (for nothing that important as far as I’m aware). We had resolution’s of a couple of varieties and more community shenanigans as per usual. Let’s sum it up shall we?

oooo Revan

Exploitgate Comes to a Clumsy Conclusion?

The ban hammer came down HARD
The ban hammer came down HARD!

At last, the saga is concluded. For now.. Action was taken in the form of temporary bans, removal of schematics and rumors of some permanent bans (like one). The ban hammer was overall flimsy, punishment ruling’s were inconsistent and the community was unsatisfied as per usual. Prominent members of the community also escaped punishment from the exploit. So bleh. The same old, same old from SWTOR town. Next time they should be consistent with their ‘hammer’s’ and remove gear but that’s probably too hard for them to handle (ha). My blog post on this is nearly done.. and will be up soon™.

Changes to Streaming

They announced this week that they will be changing up the way they stream a bit. So TLDR is this going to translate into better interaction with the community?.. Maybe? But you know, I’ll believe it when I see it. They have some good goals at least so let’s hope they live up to them. So here’s to more quality Q&A and less sandwich talk. I’ve also almost finished a blog post on this so expect to see that soon™.

RIP Operation Musco
RIP Operation Musco.

What did I get up to?

PvP, naturally.. a little less this week cause I haven’t really felt like it. So meh? I also appeared on two Podcast thingy’s: The Republic and Corellian Run Radio! If you want to see how much of a bad I was on camera on The Republic, you can watch it here or read my additional discussion on it here. I’ll post a link to my Corellian Run Radio interview once that’s edited and uploaded.

I also raided with my guildies.. Progression is slow, but fun. To date, we’ve fully cleared SM Ravagers and ToS and HM Sparky. This recent reset we one shot everything in SM Ravagers and HM Sparky then went on to one shot in everything in ToS up to the Commanders before we ran out of time. We’ll kill Revan and try HM Malaphor next raid time.

I just chillaxed..
I just chillaxed… when I wasn’t a podcast noob.

One final thing

Finally just so you guys know I will be changing up the frequency of my blogging. I was originally aiming to post 3-4 times a week. I didn’t want to post everyday and wanted to keep posts spaced out. But I’ve found that I now have so many drafted blog posts (over 10-15 at the moment) that I’m getting a little overwhelmed, not finishing them and pushing them aside. So to curb this I’ll likely start blogging almost daily. I say ‘almost’ just because I may skip to odd day here and there. I’ll likely aim to post on weekdays. So that just about wraps things up.

I just wanted to say thank you everyone for all your support with my blog so far! Looking forward to continuing writing and interacting with you guys! <3

What did you all get up to this week? How well do you think Bioware did with communication this week?

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  • I’m reasonably happy with how they handled the ban thing – I don’t think they had much choice after how they ‘handled’ it at the start – but I’ll be writing a post on that soon (I hope)!

    I didn’t play all that much swtor this week; have been enjoying Dragon Age 2 (oops). Like you, I did some warzones, and some progression raiding. Malaphor HM is conceivably easier than Sparky HM, so I have good faith you’ll get him next week. 🙂

    • Yep we two shot HM Malaphor last night 🙂 And yeah, my post on the exploit should be finished soon.

  • I have quite a few drafted blog posts as well. They’re more intricate compared to the one’s I’ve been posting so they take a little more time to write. I’ve been trying to level my alts this week but I’ve been a little slow due to IRL stuff. And great blog post, it’s nice to follow and see new posts from you and others in the community.

    • Thank you. 🙂 Yes I’m the same I have some more intricate posts to finish up. I need to level a couple of more alts myself sometime.. >.>