SWTOR Weekly Fan Art Appreciation Post – Variety Hour

Hey, everyone!

This week’s fan art is amazing so let’s hop straight to it! I can not emphasise enough how much amazing talent there is on Tumblr. It never ceases to amaze me.

(One day, when I have some money, I’ll use a title image of my own commissioned art for these weekly posts. But in the meantime I’ll just use screenshots).


Chibi style art is so cute! And who doesn’t miss Mako?!


This is a really emotional piece of art. My heart is breaking looking at it.


Here’s some lovely art of everyone’s favourite Cathar!


I love this fan art! It is so sweet and adorable.


This is one of my favourite Vaylin art pieces. It captures a side of her we don’t really see.


I really love the art style of the piece! It’s beautiful!


I really love this piece it perfectly captures what it’s like for our characters (especially the Sith Warrior) to have Valkorion/Vitiate in their heads interfering in their lives. It’s like he’s always there in the shadows, lurking, watching our every move.


Haha! This is awesome! I’ve also wondered how they got along for all those months they were in hiding.


This is one of my new favourite Lana pieces! It is so beautiful! I love how she has a Marilyn Monroe look.


This is a really nice commission! Beautiful art style.


Okay, this Arcann art is amazing! I love the style and just everything about it! I mean come on, what is there not to like about Arcann?


I really love this Togruta! She is so pretty and that sass in her eyes. I’d love to get one of my Togruta characters (yes I have multiple)  drawn like this someday!


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