SWTOR Weekly Fan Art Appreciation Post – All about them Sith

Hey, everyone!

It’s time for another Fan Art appreciation post! I missed last weeks unfortunately because I was busy writing my initial review of the Knights od the Eternal Throne story. But I found some wonderful artwork on Tumblr to share with you all this week! I’ll never cease to be amazed by the talent of all these artists I find!

Before we get to the Fan Art, I wanted to show you art from an Environment Artist, John Morris who did work on some of the Chapters in KOTET!

Here are some of my favourite stills of his work from the various Chapters of KOTET (click an image to enlarge it):

To see all the stills for yourself, here are the links:

Now, let’s get into the fan art!


I really love this art, it perfectly encapsulates the savage beauty of Sith Purebloods.


I love Mirialan so much. This art is just beautiful!


This is such a sweet and adorable depiction of Lana! It suits her so well. Although somehow I doubt she’d like anyone drawing her, she’d be super embarrassed by it.


I love how adorable and quirky this art is!


Who doesn’t love some Senya art?! This is gorgeous!


I really love this piece. It’s so beautiful. It also really captures the beauty of Sith Purebloods. You can see the love in their eyes too.


Awwww this art is so sweet and beautiful! My heart is melting just looking at it!


I love Daennika’s art style so much! It really is a shame we never got to meet Thexan…

Hope you all enjoyed the amazing Fan Art! Already have a few to share for next week. Which one is your favourite?


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