SWTOR Weekly: Developer Watch – The Unexpected

A new weekly series (formerly known as Keith Watch) where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg and other SWTOR Developers say. 

You can read my previous Keith Watch Post here.

To learn more about Keith, see my A New Hope – SWTOR’s New Game Producer Post.

We only heard from Keith once this week, however, something unexpected happened this week. Charles Boyd responded to some posts on the forums this week. He has not done so for a very long time. This is certainly encouraging to see and hopefully, we will continue to hear more from him or even other developers in the future

So here is everything the Developers said this week:

Keith gave us an update on what was happening with the Road Map. It’s delayed but it will be released by the end of May. I wrote about my thoughts on the Road Map update in this Post.

Charles Boyd came onto the forums, out of the blue, and revealed that Weapons were coming to the Outfit Designer sometime this year! I wrote about how excited I was about this in another Post.

Charles did a follow-up post the next day responding to a couple of comments made by various players:

The most interesting thing Charles said above was about their shift in focus to:

‘broader features that improve the overall gameplay experience and add better customisation and conveniance options’.

I guess this means they’ve learnt their lesson of what happens when they’re too focused on story content. I’m glad to see they have a broader mindset when it comes to content. This certainly gives us some clues as to what we may see in the Road Map at the end of the month.

What did you think about Charles posting on the forums? Were you surprised?


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