SWTOR Weekly – Developer Watch: Road Map Reveal

A weekly series where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg and other SWTOR Developers say.

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At last! We have the Road Map! Keith has only answered a couple of questions about it so far but otherwise, he was fairly active on the forums this week. Charles Boyd appears to be MIA sadly.

So here’s what went down this week on the forums with Keith:

At the beginning of the week when there were issues with the East Coast Servers, Keith kept us up to date after hours with what was happening (click on the images to enlarge them):

He updated us with what was happening with the Road Map saying it may not be out till of the end of the week (click on an image to enlarge it).

Then on Wednesday, he announced the Road Map would be coming out later that day (and it did)!

Later that day after the Road Map was released he responded to a couple of posts from players. One player assumed that Keith would not see their post, but he did.

He then responded to a players query about how companion customisation would work.

The next day Keith said that he’d been reading the Road Map feedback and stated that they would start answering questions over the coming days and to keep up with the feedback:

On Friday night (after hours) he responded to a player postulating that Unassembeld Components would not be Legacy Bound.

He then responded to further comments made by the same player.

One thing I have noticed in conjunction with Keith’s continued communication efforts is that Eric Musco communicates a fair bit more himself which is great to see also. I typically don’t include Musco’s posts here as he’s not technically a developer and his posts are more menial. But, there is one post Musco made this week that I wanted to share here.

There was a player who accused Keith of logging in and playing the game at work because he had 4 characters at Rank 300. This was Musco’s response:

You can read my overview and initial impressions of the Road Map here: SWTOR’s Road Map – Overview and Initial Impressions. Hopefully, Keith (or maybe even some other devs) will answer more questions about the Road Map next week.

I have further questions about the Road Map which I’ll compile into another post sometime soon and also put on the forums.

What did you think of the Road Map? What did you think of Keith’s (and Musco’s) Communication efforts this week?


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