SWTOR Weekly: Developer Watch – Putting a Voice to Keith

A weekly series where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg and other SWTOR Developers say.

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This week (19-25th June) there were further discussions about communication, how the Developers get feedback and what they do with it. Keith, Charles and Musco all had a lot to say! They also announced the proposed class changes for Pyrotech Powertech’s, Sorcerer Healers and Virulence Snipers.

The biggest news this week though was the Bad Feeling Podcast Interview with Keith himself! It was a fantastic interview. I’d strongly advise listening to it. (Note the link will automatically start playing audio).

Let’s see what they had to say on the forums.

There were once again issues with the East Coast servers so Keith had to step in and deal a nasty bunch of players (click on the image to enlarge).

When a player asked for compensation due to the server downtime, Keith trolled the player.

A player asked about how our feedback affects Developer decisions. Musco responded saying that he, Keith and Charles would give their insight into what they do with player feedback.

Keith confirmed that 246 Crafted Relics are bugged.

Musco wrote yet another post explaining how Class Balance works because people still don’t get it.

Where do developers get feedback? Musco outlined the various places the Developers get feedback (click on images to enlarge).

Musco advised players about how to give good feedback.

Charles thanked players for their thoughts about how the Developers deal with feedback. He added that he’ll weigh in after Keith does his post.

Keith weighs in on the feedback topic revealing what he looks for in particular when it comes to player feedback.

Keith answered some more specific questions from a player about how they handle feedback.

He also commented again on the Server Merge Thread stating that they weren’t ready to talk specifics yet but that they were factoring in player comments.

Keith also responded to a player who was having issues.

Charles Boyd then discussed a specific example of how player feedback changed the Developers plans.

Keith responded to a couple of player suggestion threads about various types of content.

Responding to some discussion about Addons, Keith weighed in saying that it would definitely not happen in SWTOR.

Charles responded to a player suggestion about having Player Codex.

He also responded further about their decisions regarding the changes they made to the KOTFE/KOTET story.

We certainly saw quite a few great posts from the Developers this week. Coupled with Keith’s interview, it was certainly a busy week of communication. It is fantastic that they are keeping up with communicating with us!

What did you think of this weeks communication efforts? Did you find the ‘how Developers handle feedback’ discussion interesting?


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