SWTOR Weekly – Developer Watch: Promises

A weekly series (formerly known as Keith Watch) where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg and other SWTOR Developers say.

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This week we heard from both Charles Boyd and Keith Kanneg. Here’s what they had to say.

At the beginning of the week, Charles responded to a lore question from a player (click on the image to enlarge).

Later in the week Keith came onto the forums and gave us another update on the Road Map.

He also responded to a player’s frustration about waiting for the Road Map.

I don’t know why people are expecting miracles. Keith inherited the game in a pretty messed up state. He can’t just magically make things the way we want them overnight. These things take time. Sometimes life gets in the way. He’s kept us updated with what’s happening and that’s a really good sign.

It sounds to me like he’s taking an active role in personally overseeing the Road Map. He is likely coordinating with different teams of people to discuss what they can do with the resources they have while continuing to work on previously planned content.

I’m still feeling cautiously optimistic about the game and I really do want to give Keith a chance. I’ve been very impressed with his communication with the player base so far and I hope he keeps it up. Hopefully, he will keep his word and we’ll see the Road Map next week if not early the week after at the absolute latest.

When do you think we’ll get the Road Map? Next week? Or right at the end of May? Do you like Keith’s ongoing communication efforts?


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