SWTOR Weekly: Developer Watch – Never Forgotten

A (no-longer) weekly series where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg and other SWTOR Developers say.

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Ah! You thought I’d forgotten to do these posts eh? Nah. I’ve just been a tad busy with real life lately so haven’t had the time to write as much as I used to. It would seem Keith has also been similarly busy with him interacting on the forums less of late. But Musco has kept himself very busy replying to many threads and creating lots of discussion topics which is great to see!

I’ll be covering the last ~4 weeks worth of Developer Posts and other sources of information from Developers in this Issue highlighting only the more significant ones.

So what has happened? Besides the frequent issues with the East Coast Servers, quite a few things actually.

In late June, Keith answered a player question in regards to the direction of the game with respect to Operations.

At the start of July, Charles wrote a very long post about Vitiate/Valkorion to address discussion happening on the forums (click on images to enlarge).

Keith commented on Charles’ post with certain comments he made not being well received by some of the community. He commented further clarifying that players shouldn’t be ‘personal’ in their criticism.

Upon reflection, he realised that his comments were wrong and discussed how they could handle criticism.

We also had a Developer (previously not seen on the forums) come onto the forums and write a post. His name is Bret Hoffman and he was one of the original developers who worked on Galactic Starfighter. He responded to the discussion topic for the first week of July (7th July) which was about Galactic Starfighter.

Then on July 18th, Charles Boyd revealed that he was in LA doing more voice work.

He went on to reply to someone that the Voice Over work was for events that happen after the Umbara Flashpoint.

Keith also vaguely hinted that they may have started to work on the next Road Map and discussed content priorities. He would not give a specific date for when we would get to see it of course.

He also finally responded to player concerns about Cartel Certificates sadly revealing that they weren’t a priority fix but confirmed that they were indeed working on the Road Map.

He elaborated further later that week starting a Discussion Topic about the Road Map and gave us details about Game Update 5.4 which is coming out August 22nd.

Keith is also after feedback about the Road Map specifically, what kind of information we want to see on the Road Map?

Then, over the weekend, he thanked players for their feedback so far and addressed various player reactions to the state of the game.

Well, that just about sums what’s happened over the past month.

Honestly, I feel that Keith shouldn’t have apologised for what he said in response to Charles story revelations in early July. In my view, he didn’t say anything wrong but it is his prerogative so I accept it. I’m just really tired of how vicious and ‘personal’ people are online hiding behind their anonymity. Be constructive and informative in your criticisms. There’s no need to be a dick. That criticism article Keith can also be treated from the player/criticiser’s perspective. Don’t become so personally invested in a game (which is meant to be just entertainment, not life or death) to the point where you viciously attack people over it. A game really isn’t worth that type of investment (trust me, I know from experience).

I am very much looking forward to Game Update 5.4. As a massive fan of the Clone Wars, I am ecstatic that we’re getting a planet from the TV Series in SWTOR! Umbara is such a fascinating planet and I really can’t wait to see what the Developers did with it. We know we’re getting a Flashpoint (and now a Stronghold!) but will they be making Umbara an actual planet we can travel to? That would just be beyond amazing! You can read more about Umbara in my Article ‘Umbara – What we know from the Clone Wars‘.

I am also looking forward to seeing what the Developers have planned for the game in the next Road Map! I understand that things can’t just magically change over night. We will get what was promised to us. I’m really hoping to see more information about PvP in particular especially the new Warzone! You can read my ‘Ultimate SWTOR PvP Wishlist‘ Post to see what PvP related things I’d love to see in SWTOR (although there were a couple of things, upon further reflection, I did miss and things I want to further elaborate on).

At this stage, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go back to doing this Series ‘weekly’ or not. It will ultimately depend on if my real life time constraints allow for it. But I will certainly continue with it nonetheless at whatever frequency I’m able to.

What do you think will be in the next Road Map? What do you think of Keith now?


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  • overbyte

    Man everyone just needs to chill the hell out. I can’t believe people’s willingness to threaten and curse the folk that make their favourite entertainment.