SWTOR Weekly: Developer Watch – Friday Explosion

A (not-so) weekly series where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg and other SWTOR Developers say.

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All was quiet on the forums for most of the week (24th – 30th July) then suddenly on Friday, the Developer Tracker exploded with a bunch of posts from Keith and Musco. A variety of topics were covered so let’s dive straight in!

Earlier in the week, a Reddit user asked if they should go and visit the Bioware Austin while they were visiting Austin on a business trip. Musco actually responded!

Then on Friday, Musco posted the weekly discussion topic as well as information on various queries (click on the image to enlarge).

Keith came on and clarified on how acquiring the Umbara Stronghold will work after being accused of being ‘cheap’. Specifically how many runs of the Flashpoint it would take to be able to acquire the Stronghold.

Musco responded to some nitpicking at wording clarifying that purchasing the Stronghold would cost ‘less than you would normally pay’.

Keith then dropped a massive reveal that one of the most requested ‘quality of life’ features in the history of the game would become a reality.

Keith then snarkily responded to a player in regards to development time.

Yet another player asked if the game would be returning to its MMO Roots and Keith repeated himself again adding some vague hints of what’s to come.

Keith also hinted that they may be addressing F2P/Preferred Player restrictions in regards to currency.

Keith admitted that they needed to address PvP Gearing issues.

Keith also commented on player suggestions saying that he does send our ideas to the developers and they do discuss them.

Keith responded once again to server merge concerns outlining various issues they have to address but also hinting that they may have plans to do something.

So we had a big reveal and some hints of what’s to come. Of course, we should not necessarily take the wording too literally but there were certainly hints of potential plans for servers (or at least it’s being discussed a lot internally), possibly lifting some F2P/Preferred restrictions and that the release pattern of Operations may change going forward.

I feel that lifting some restrictions for F2P / Preferred players would be incredibly beneficial for the game. Keith hinted specifically that they may be getting rid of currency caps for F2P. But perhaps they may be taking away more restrictions. It would be great to see SWTOR’s F2P model be more in line with other MMO’s (such as ESO and Wildstar) which have far fewer restrictions.

Speaking of currency I’m certainly very happy that Credits will be made Legacy wide. It was quite a surprising and unexpected reveal. We don’t know specifically how it will work yet eg. whether the Credits will be stored in legacy banks so we can then take out credits as needed or if it’ll just be like any other legacy currency and just be universally accessible whenever we want.

One last thing I wanted to mention was this phrasing by Keith in regards to PvP gearing:

‘The right answer is we need to resolve to PvP gearing issues, so Bolster gets removed as a central issue’.

How intriguing. Does this mean we could see another change to PvP gearing sometime in the future? If they do decide to change gearing, I highly doubt it’ll happen anytime soon. They usually save that kind of major change for expansions. And honestly, I’m not expecting an expansion this year. More likely sometime in the first half of 2018 if not later. Nonetheless, I’m certainly open to changes in gearing for PvP. Ideally to make it more like what it used to be pre 5.0.

With all the news that came out this past week, I am certainly looking forward to seeing the next Road Map! I am hoping it will be out by the end of August.

What did you think of this past weeks news? Are you looking forward to the Road Map now? When do you think we’ll see it?


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