SWTOR Weekly Developer Watch – Class Changes

A weekly series where I keep track of everything new SWTOR Game Producer, Keith Kanneg and other SWTOR Developers say.

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There’s quite a lot that happened this week. We heard from Papa Keith a few times as well as Charles Boyd! Follow-up questions from the Road Map were answered as well as queries about the lack of male force user companions. So let’s get to it!

On Sunday, Keith came onto the forums and responded to some player queries. Firstly one about when we’ll get to see the Ranked PvP Rewards (click on the image to enlarge).

He also responded to questions about when we’d see specifics about Class Changes.

And responded to a player’s frustration over gearing and upcoming perks.

On Monday Charles graced the Forums with his presence again to weigh in on the lack of male force user companions in the game.

Keith also responded to a player on the forums complaining about ‘scripted’ communication and Class Balance.

He then welcomed back a player who resubbed because of his communication efforts with the community.

Then on Wednesday, Keith revealed that Musco would be publishing which Classes would be getting Changes over the summer.

Keith then alerted everyone where they could find and give feedback on the announced Class Changes.

When asked by a player if Rocket Boost would be included in the Increased Speeder Piloting Speed Perk (coming in Game Update 5.2.2) he said Rocket Boost won’t get a speed increase (for now).

He commented on the omission of particular classes from the initial round of class changes.

Keith also said he’d track down the Ranked Reward information and have it posted by Wednesday at the latest after Game Update 5.2.2.

When asked what modes the Flashpoint on Umbara would be in, Keith replied that all new Flashpoints released in the future would be available in all modes (Story (Solo), Veteran and Master).

He also commented on Rocket Boots (Boosts) typo (my response would’ve been ‘hello? Nicknames?’ but whatever).

On Thursday Charles Boyd stepped in to discuss the failure of Open World PvP on Iokath.

Charles also commented further about companions revealing that it was 100% their priority to see class companions return first before introducing new companions.

And on Friday Charles revealed that thankfully, Eric Musco isn’t involved in story brainstorms.

There was certainly quite a lot that happened on the Developer Tracker this week. A lot of additional details about all areas of content were responded to which was great to see! I personally weighed in on a couple of topics. Most notably on the Open World PvP on Iokath debacle. Open World PvP (large scale) is something that I am passionate about as it is my favourite ‘content’ in the game! Most of my fondest memories playing SWTOR have involved Open World PvP.

What are your impressions on the so far announced Class Changes being implemented over the summer?


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