SWTOR Weekly: Communication, Marrvelations and DDOSing Nan’s

Hey everyone,

(Disclaimer: Contains slightly more coarse language then usual. You’ve been warned).

This week in SWTOR (2nd-8th Feb) we had no maintenance due to Game Update 3.1 coming out shortly anyway. The Harbinger hamster had a heart attack. Bioware communicated, we lapped it up and then many fan girled over the character Spotlight. So here’s the run down on what happened…


Something Old? Something New? 

So first up, we had two new interesting posts from Bioware this week. First up, Tait released the preliminary patch notes for Game Update 3.1 a week in advance. Then Musco came out with a post about how they’re going to be tackling win trading in PvP this upcoming season of ranked. So more new communication tactics for us to lap up and then they’ll forget about it and never do it again.

But from a communication standpoint, both of these posts are certainly a step in the right direction in their commitment to improving communication with the community. It feels like after the whole Ravagers Exploit Saga, they are willing to be more open about their internal processes and will hopefully keep us up to date with PvP. I felt as though the early release of the patch notes was a nice gesture and I hope they keep up with that practice. So thumbs up.. Will they/can they keep this up? Who knows? Here’s hoping..

How Marrvelous!

This week Bioware started up a character spotlight blog where they will be featuring back stories to prominent figures from the Shadow of Revan story line. For the first character spotlight titled ‘The Price of Power’ they (Courtney) choose to feature Darth Marr. I am also a big Darth Marr fan girl so I was really excited about this spotlight!

Won’t you just look at that badass. He’s fucking hypnotising! All hail HypnoMarr!

I won’t give it all away but basically the story is told from Darth Lachris‘ point of view as she is sent by Darth Marr to Balmorra. It is revealed that she is an Apprentice of Darth Marr’s. I really liked this little story as it gave us more depth and insight into such an intriguing, cold and calculating Sith Lord. I would highly recommend reading it if you haven’t already. I’m looking forward to reading the backstories of some of the other prominent characters of Shadow of Revan over the coming weeks!

How to DDOS your Nan

pvp srs bzns

Yes, I stole that from Snave, but it’s fucking hilarious okay. Sheesh. So anyway I shared on Twitter during the week a screenshot of PvP harassment a Guildy received (yes he did report it) which was both pretty funny and pretty sad. What’s particularly funny (in my view) is that someone would go to all the trouble to log onto the opposite faction just to whisper harass someone.. But yeah…

Quite a few of my followers on Twitter responded with their thoughts and some with harassment they’d recieved in PvP. The whole thing got me thinking about harassment in PvP and the general behavior of gamer’s in MMO’s and all that philosophical mysticism. So expect a post sometime in the future about this…

Okay fine, I’ll admit, I’m not a PvP saint. I did call someone a cunt in say chat the other day… What? They deserved it.. They CC’ed me in a Hypergate when the pylons were exploding and I refused to use my CC breaker and so I died.. (I didn’t consider it enough of an emergency to use it..) But anyway that is a cunt move in my opinion. It annoyed me (fucking pissed me off). Maybe I should’ve told them that I’ll DDOS their Nan…

Community Shenanigans

hitbox-png_53c5a62cda169Speaking of Snave, he is an absolute champ and has managed to set up a partnership with Hitbox so now SWTOR will now permanently be a featured game on Hitbox! So nice one mate! If you love listening to dirty banter and sexy European ascents, he is definitely a streamer to watch! Here’s the link to his Hitbox. Also he’s trying to set up a SWTOR Stream Team so if you’re interested in being a part of that let him know.

Heather also recently celebrated the one year anniversary of her Blog, Pretty Little Sith! So congratulation’s on your impressive work Heather!

What did I get up to?

Well, I did some raiding with my guildies, had a funny pug incident (god they are so insufferable sometimes). We gave HM Malaphor (in ToS) a crack and two shot him so that was fun.. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the full team back soon so we can have a good go at some of the other HM bosses..sorc in da house

I also did quite a bit of PvP this week cause it’s fun and I like healing with green goo or throwing lighting/force glowyness at people. I also got my Sage and Sorcerer to level 60 finally. So that means I’m now a Galactic Master mwahahaha (I don’t think it mean’s what I think it means /cry).

So what did you get up to this week? What are some of your thoughts on this past weeks happenings?

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  • Joseph Brown

    Nice post . It is ture and sad that this dose happen. I stop pvping cause it go’s on in the war zone and worst part some has moved to fleet. I feel if they need to rage about they lost a match or players not doing what they put into war zone chat. I feel they need to take a break from pvp for a sort time and then clear there heads. After all its just a game.

  • I’ve had my own share of sad PvP players this week. I don’t understand how people can get so angry over a game, but it’s their loss. I usually can get good laughs at the quality of their comments. I’ve actually already got a post ready about this for later in the week, so we can make this a trendy topic together. 😉