SWTOR Weekly – Ch-ch-changes

Hey everyone,

This week in SWTOR news, there were more announcements of changes leading us into Game Update 5.0 and more Community shenanigans. So let’s sum up what’s happened this week!


Cartel Market Pass Removal, Content Access & WZ Item Changes

Eric Musco addressed why they removed Warzone and Operations Passes from the Cartel Market as well as making Warzone Commendation Grants BOP.

Musco also revealed that Cosmetic Items currently acquired through Warzone Commendations will cost Credits and have a Valor requirement in 5.0.

They also announced later in the week Cartel Coin Compensation for those who have CM Passes regardless of how you acquired them eg. GTN or Cartel Market.


Uprisings Developer Stream

On the Developer Stream, Eric Musco, Charles Boyd and Ben Irving introduced us to new 4-player content coming in Eternal Throne, Uprisings. Basically they are like flashpoints except with a lot less story (so no need for spacebarring), more action and more difficulty levels. They will be accessible at level 70 regardless of whether you’ve completed KOTET or not but are only accessible for subscribers.

Commendation and Crystal Conversion Rates

On Friday morning, Eric Musco finally revealed the conversion rates for WZ Commendations and Crystals much to the dismay of PvPers. PvPer’s with a large number of commendations were screwed over by the Tokens becoming bind on pick up at the beginning of the week.


Crafting for Endgame in 5.0

Also briefly mentioned on the Uprisings Developer Stream was how crafting will be involved in end game in 5.0. Eric Musco wrote a post on the forums explaining how crafting will work. Basically, we will be able to craft gear that will be somewhat on par with the gear that will drop from Command Crates except that it will have no set bonus. The schematics to craft gear will come from Command Crates.

Community Content and Upcoming Events!

Bad Feeling Podcast Episode 134 – Give Us Free

In Episode 134, Chuck and Brian have an excellent discussion about all the recent happenings in SWTOR. I agree with a lot of their points and especially loved their sledgehammer analogy with SWTOR attitude to content. I also thoroughly agree with them, as a fellow PvPer, that with these changes to PvP they’re breaking a system that didn’t need fixing. The only things wrong with PvP was class balance and queue times (cross server/server merges).

1v1 Tournament 12th Nov: URC #8 – Halloweenies out for Harambe!

Snave is hosting another Dueling Tournament on the Red Eclipse! See the thread for all the details about signing up, rules etc. Should be fun to watch as per always! See Snave’s YouTube Channel for previous Dueling Tournament Videos.

Remember if you have any upcoming community event’s let me know and I’ll add them to my next SWTOR Weekly Post.

Upcoming SWTOR News/Events

  • SWTOR Developer Stream on Class and Combat Changes: Thursday 3rd November on https://www.twitch.tv/swtor
  • Other upcoming Developer Streams:


What did you get up to this week in SWTOR? What do you think of this week’s news?


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