SWTOR Weekly: Blood and Guts

Hey everyone!

I’m easing back into a normal schedule now so you should see me get back to Blogging/Vlogging more often now! So this week in SWTOR (23rd-29th March) we had thermal Present-Catdetonators thrown at us, some shinies and surprises! So let’s wrap up the goods, shall we?

New Meat at Bioware

So this week we got introduced to our new community coordinator, Nick Avola! He did a post introducing himself and you can follow him on Twitter at @avola_swtor.

He’s apparently a fan of PvP, so there’s potential for nothing to happen because of that, as in him kicking the devs in the balls figuratively to tell them to give some fucks about PvP. But it was nice to get our hopes up for a second (not really). I mean it’s not like thousands of PvPers have already left the game cause of Biowares shit. They just don’t like PvPer’s eh?*

So I have some hope that the communication levels will remain as they are and nothing will change. Because, Bioware. Am I right? Please, prove me wrong Bioware.*

So TLDR, I’ll believe Nick when I see him in action.

ziost 01

PTS Shinies!

After the Developer Stream they did on Friday 20th March (you can read the review I did of it here) they opened up the PTS with Game Update 3.2. On the PTS are class changes, most of the Ziost storyline and the new Costume Design System.

I’ve completed the storyline (as far as you can go) on both factions and I’m in the middle of a review of it with both non-spoiler and spoiler sections. I should get it finished sometime this week hopefully.

Otherwise the Costume Design system is quite lovely, simple and pretty much exactly what I was expecting. For reference it’s like a betterderpy-cats-meme version of Wildstar’s Costume System (unless they changed in the last 8 months since I stopped playing that game).

Surprise Double XP Weekend

Out of the blue, Tait announced a Double XP Weekend! It started on Friday, March 27, 2015 11AM PDT / 6PM GM / Saturday, March 28, 5AM AEDT and it ends on Monday, March 30, 2015 12AM PDT / 7AM GMT / 6pm AEDT.

So there’s your motivation to get another five of your level 55’s to 60, if you can stand it, or do some PvP to level a lowbie up a bit.

Community News!

So the lovely fansite, TORCommunity has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so they can build an item database, item tooltips and other awesome things. They’ve taken on the project due to TORhead and AskMrRobot closing their SWTOR sites down. They’ve already reached their initial goal and have reached some of their stretch goals as well! If you would like to know more about it or to donate, you can read about it here!


What have I been up to in SWTOR this week?

Well I’ve decided to gear up more Sorc Dps for Ranked (because I’m way too chicken to queue on my Merc heals) so I’ve started that. I’ve also PvPed on my Merc a bit when I got annoyed at the lack of healers in queue, only to grouped with four other healers. It actually turned out pretty funny because I managed to out heal and out DPS all of them (1.33m heals, 189k DPS). So they were all fucking bads lol. I also leveled my Assassin during Double XP a bit through PvP and the Forged Alliances Flashpoints.

So that’s about it! What did you all get up to this week? Think the new guy has what it takes to be a Biodrone?*

*May require sarcasm filter for people who take things way too literally/seriously.

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  • Well, I came down with a cold or some shit so had sick time to use to get some extra play-time in Wednesday and Thursday. I finished the Revan story arc and finished the solo mode Revan fight on my Juggernaut tank. Talk about a face roll!! I finished a shit-Tom of dailies and bought two more pieces of 186 gear. That’s about it for me.

  • Thanks for posting about that Kickstarter! I was sick last week and missed a lot of things… I’ve added a pledge of my own now, even though they’ve already surpassed all their current stretch goals, lol… but I do feel that this is a project that’s really important to the community.

  • Yekzok

    From the look of it the costume system is similar to the current WildStar one as it is on the ptr the main difference being number of costumes and WS being imprinted after you bind the appearance to your account and then can use on any character