SWTOR The Producer’s Road Map – A Windy Road Ahead?

Hey everyone,

Bioware have now officially released the Producer’s Roap Map by Bruce Maclean, which was also read out early at the Community Cantina at Pax South. Not much changed from what it was read out except that their is no longer a specific date for Game Update 3.2. Even though the target date is still April 28th according to Musco.

Here’s a screen cap of just the Roap Map Part:

prod letter roadmap part

It’s not much of what you’d call a Road Map is it? It barely covers 2-3 months of the year… I mean last year’s road map covered up till May/June.. Maybe next time don’t call it a Road Map. Maybe just ‘Coming Soon™ in SWTOR!’

I’d like to see more ‘Road Maps’ from Bruce (hopefully) this year seeing as the information in this one was quite minimal. Maybe they can do a Summer one (in April/May) then do an Autumn/Winter one in August/September)?

mmo mmo mmoThe most interesting new feature coming soon is going to be the Outfit Designer which, to date, we know nothing about. So it’ll be interesting to see what it is but I haven’t got my hopes up, my expectations are pretty low.

So beyond April all we really know for sure is that their will be a new Stronghold (please be a private Island on Rishi) and well, we already knew about the Togruta…

Bruce Maclean also talks about, in the Road Map, how going forward their putting the focus back on story going forward. With emphasis on character driven narrative and a more unified story. Which is nice and all but.. What about PvP?!?!! (Yes there’s Ranked Season 4 starting but that’s not new content).


I am very disappointed by the lack of mention of any new PvP content. We’ve been devoid of any new PvP content for almost an entire year. A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR. Like come on guys. We want more maps with objectives and shinies and well… Just throw us a bone goddammit! Please? As soon as possible before all the remaining PvPer’s go jump into a Sarlacc Pit.

So I guess we have a broad sense of our destination (story), but the pit stops on the way look bumpy. It’s like they’re taking the boring windy path instead of the tourist drive. Give us more shiny destinations! I understand they can’t tell us everything in great detail that they’re working on.. But throw us a bone at least! Especially in regards to PvP!


Musco came out with a follow up post of fluff addressing some of the complaints people had about the road map (not really):

pord letter follow up

So that’s nice and all but, the community’s complaints are still valid in my view. Especially in regards to PvP and class balancing. But I dare say that most PvPer’s found the ‘The PvP team are as busy as ever’ comment hilarious. I’m sorry, but we haven’t seen any evidence of this for a very long time. So forgive our skepticism.

Musco also confirmed that 3.2, with the Ziost Planetary Story and Outfit Designer, coming in late April is being considered one of the two major updates for the year. So does this mean their is more to Ziost then we thought content wise? Will it be like Oricon or will it be something different/bigger? Maybe. But either way, hopefully we’ll find out more soon!

Related: Shadow Realms Has Been Cancelled

Bioware also announced that Shadow Realms has been cancelled. It was recently put on hold but I guess they decided the project wasn’t worth their time. There was one part of Jeff Hickman’s post which I wanted to highlight in particular:

shadow realms can swtor

So this sounds promising.. It did seem as though things did slow down in SWTOR throughout 2014 as they were starting to work on Shadow Realms. So hopefully this means they’ll  have more resources and be able to give us more quality content for 2015. Hypothetically speaking of course.

Final Remarks

So with the cancellation of Shadow Realms will we see more happening in SWTOR? I certainly hope so. The cancellation also indicates that they might indeed have something/s planned to capitalise on the hype of the new Star Wars movie coming out at the end of the year. Which will be great to see! So while it seems that the outlook is quite hazy for the year at the moment, hopefully in time, they’ll reveal other content their working on especially for the starving PvPer’s.

what do we wantSo I’m frustrated but also hopeful for the year ahead. For now. As long as they don’t wait too long to reveal more information and continue to improve in their communication with the community.

TLDR: This is my subtle bring back 8v8 ranked and release info on your ‘better than cross server’ solution. This, in my view, along with creating more objective based maps is the key to revitalising PvP and hopefully bringing players back.

So what do you guys think of the Road Map? What do you think 3.2 will entail? Are you a PvPer contemplating jumping into a Sarlacc Pit?

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  • Where does one begin with this so called “roadmap”. In typical Bioware fashion they tell us something without actually telling us anything. They should be politicians…they would be great at it! I just don’t get what is with all the secrecy, they constantly give announcements of upcoming announcements.

    A road map should provide all the objectives they hope to accomplish throughout the coming year but what we get is a cryptic 3 or 4 lines of text that they even get confused over. (is 3.2 in spring the 1st major update expected in summer or is it separate I mean even Eric didn’t know ffs.)

    Some of what the community team post I honestly cannot fathom how they could type it with a straight face, Erics “the PVP team is busy as ever” line…(how much coffee or mountain dew was sprayed over keyboards all around the world when PVPers read that line.

    They love to tell us “great things are in the works” but are they, why are they so scared to actually tell the community what they are working on. (really hate the excuse that if they tell us and something changes or a date is missed the community grabs their pitchforks…I mean we have that with them NOT telling us anything….lol)

    I don’t want more transparency…you can’t give me more of what at the moment does not exist.

    Sorry was a bit of a rant….and I did not even comment on you poor PVPers…really why are any of you still here…you are ignored, elements you liked 8v8 were taken away, better that xserver…face it not coming anytime soon….if this game wasn’t Star Wars would any of us still be here?

    • Well I still PvP for the social aspect of it like PvPing with guildies etc. and I still enjoy Warzones. It’s just frustrating the lack of attention PvP gets… 🙁

      I really liked all your points. Like you said they tell us stuff with really telling us anything. But yes one of the main reason I play SWTOR is because it’s Star Wars!

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