SWTOR: Shadow of Revan Class Stories Review Part 1

Hey everyone,

I have now finished the Class Stories and finished the whole SoR story line on 4/8 of my main story characters. I like all of the stories I’ve done so far, some more than others. Each story to me has something in it that makes it clear what your character’s place is in the galaxy and considers how all the max level stuff you do fits in to your characters narrative.

I also liked how the expansion story line is slightly different for each class and the outcome at the end relates a little bit to your character’s story. So in these reviews I will tie in each specific Rishi class story line with the ending of the story on Yavin IV.

Here are my thoughts on each of the four stories I have completed. Mostly spoiler free (except for the Jedi Knight)!

Bounty Hunter

I liked it. It starts off with some sad news (well I think it was) which I won’t be specific about. Needless to say it drives the story and you get to make things right. It also establishes your reputation in the galaxy at large and you get to react to that however you feel. I thought it was interesting but it didn’t really surprise me.. But you do at least get the opportunity sort of clarify your place if you wish to. It’s always been complicated the Bounty Hunter’s role in the Empire but at least this story offers some closure. So the story was average but satisfying enough.

xmai xam


Well to be honest this story is the least impressive of the stories I’ve done so far but still okay. The start was a bit ‘same old same old’ although it was initially a surprise who contacts you.. Like holy shit!? Really? Here on Rishi? I do admit it was good to see that person again. Like I said though, you go and do the same old trooper thing.. which is kind of boring. But, the ending is very interesting. I admit I did exit and restart the conversation to see if I could get a different outcome and I was able to. So there are two very different outcomes depending on your choices and how you react. I really appreciated that. Particularly that you choose what happens (you’ll see or know what I mean).

In the end after you finish the Yavin story line it all comes together and your place in the Galaxy is established and so starts a new beginning. So the story wasn’t too bad but is not as good as the other stories I’ve done.

mando rambo

Sith Warrior

This story for me was definitely the one I was most interested in seeing considering the spoilers I read pre 3.0. You run into two familiar characters from your class story who to me represent the Sith Warriors divided loyalties. You get the impression that it is only a matter of time until you have to make a choice. Up until this point in time you’ve more or less been going through the motions and biding your time, waiting.

The story did not disappoint and was intriguing but the ending of the Revan story-line overall was far more interesting. The eventual outcome in the end when you finished on Yavin was picked out for you but it makes sense considering what happens. You do at least get some closure but still, it was a bit annoying (I don’t want to give away my true reaction as that would spoil it). I am a little perplexed as to what the Sith Warriors purpose was to a certain someone. I won’t elaborate further so I don’t stray into spoiler territory. Needless to say my Sith Warrior feels a little lost but more determined then ever.

mara boo boo

Jedi Knight 

Wow! I really enjoyed it. It captured the Master/Padawan feel that I felt was missing in the earlier story. It felt good to go back to the ‘grass roots’ of what being a Jedi is all about and the chance to catch up with an old friend. So I thought it was really sweet. As for the overall story well I was satisfied but also disappointed.

(Spoilers from Revan Novel plus Yavin story)

I use Lord Scourge as my main companion because I really like him and after reading the Revan novel before 3.0 I grew to like the character even more. So you can understand when going through the story that I was extremely disappointed that Lord Scourge says absolutely nothing at all. I mean Lord Scourge made it his life’s pursuit more or less to see the Emperor destroyed. You’d think he’d have quite a bit to say about Revan (considering their past) let alone what happens in the end. He’d be pretty annoyed about it I’d imagine and would be the first in line to see the Emperor destroyed. He would be eager to join with whoever has the greatest chance of succeeding I believe.

sent scourge confronting revan

So that leads to an important question: Was the Jedi Knight really who Lord Scourge saw in his vision destroying the Emperor? And how (or will) this play into the upcoming story? I guess only time will tell. I feel Lord Scourge should definitely have played a much bigger role in the story considering his past particularly from the start of the Yavin story onward. It would have been great to see him interacting with Revan or even Darth Marr and have ‘You Know Who’ say something to him when he comes back. I’m really hopping Lord Scourge gets to play a role in the upcoming story.

So the Jedi Knight Story was good but left me wanting more.


I just want to emphasis how much I really enjoyed the way the stories were told in SoR. All of the stories I’ve done so far expanded your class story line, finally offereing some form of continuation whether it was the same old thing or steering you off in a new direction. Ultimately setting in stone your character’s place in the galaxy.

I’m looking forward to finishing the remaining four stories I have yet to complete. Well done to Charles Boyd and the rest of the writers!

Thank you as always for reading my blog! What do you guys think of the 3.0 Class Stories you’ve done so far?

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