SWTOR Review Chapter 11 – Disavowed

Hey everyone,

I have now played through Chapter 11, the latest chapter in Star Wars The Old Republic’s story driven content cycle, on a Trooper, Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight. The release of this Chapter wasn’t exactly uneventful. There was a funny bug discovered which prevented you from progressing through the Chapter. Luckily they have now fixed the bug so you shouldn’t have any issues seeing this Chapter for yourself!

I start off this review by giving some quick spoiler free thoughts, then I jump in and do an overview of the Chapter and share my thoughts on the chapter. I concluding by talking about the Trooper specific dialogue for this Chapter.


Spoiler Free Thoughts

I honestly found Disavowed to be quite an enjoyable Chapter. It was short but the pacing was great and there wasn’t any pointless engagements or conversations. Everything that happened enriched and added to the overall story. It was not grindy or tedious. A far cry from Chapter 10.

There is a bit of Trooper only dialogue (of course) and all the classes get their own ‘class flavoured’ introduction to Havoc Squad. The discovery at the end of the Chapter is particularly interesting and will know doubt drive the story forward for the foreseeable future.

TLDR Chapter 11 is definitely better then Chapter 10 in my view.

Overview of Disavowed (Beware there be spoilers!)

The review begins below this image. This is your final spoiler warning!


Depending on the decisions you made at the end of Chapter 10, Chapter 11 begins two different ways. If Koth left your Alliance, you have a conversation with Tora. If Koth didn’t leave the Alliance, then you skip straight to having a conversation with Theron Shan, the Alliances’ top recruiting agent. Yes, he once again wants your help to recruit more people to join the Alliance. This time it’s Havoc Squad.

You go with Theron to the Zakuulan Swamps to meet Aric Jorgan the CO of Havoc Squad and the rest of the squad. Naturally, you quickly get ambushed by Skytroopers (yawn). The squad and Theron split up and you and Aric cover their escape. Aric then has a talk to telling you about the state of the Republic. Needless to say it’s not in a good state (as already hinted in earlier story). The Republic is now essentially a dictatorship, run by the former Supreme Chancellor, Saresh who rules from the shadow’s mandating everything through Executive Order. So it seems the Republic is in a similar state now to how it will be in the Clone Wars.

At the end of your little chat, you come across exiled Zakuulans who are fleeing Skytroopers. Naturally you get to choose whether you want to help them or not but Aric Jorgan goes ahead and helps them anyway even if you say not to.


Once you go through the process of saving the exiled civilian Zakuulans (who are at first very unhappy and blame you for their predicament) killing more Skytroopers and random swamp creatures, you finally make it to Havoc Squad’s Camp. The next morning, you get the brief on what Havoc Squad wants to do with the intel covertly provided by Theron (and facilitated by Jonas Balker, you discover on a Trooper). It’s decided that the Alliance will create a distraction while Havoc Squad goes in and plants a data-spike, with the help of the Outlander, at a Zakuulan Communications Outpost which will tap into the enemies communications.

You and Havoc Squad naturally pull off the plan despite heavy Skytrooper and Knight resistance and with some help from the Zakuulan exiles who show up and save you from a tight spot. You get back to camp and savor your little victory and allow Aric to train the exiles. Back on Odessen, the major players in the Alliance, along with Aric have a chat about the new recruits and getting them supplies. The only person that isn’t happy about Havoc training and arming civilians (if he’s still on your Alliance) is Koth. Lana has to point out to him that it’s better to giving them pointers and prepare them cause they are going to rebel with or without the Alliances help.


After a brief intermission in the Cantina, you get a call from SCORPIO requesting your presence in the Command center. When you get there, you find SCORPIO along with Theron and Lana. There’s a scuffle of words between Theron and SCORPIO, then SCORPIO reveals that she has discovered a hidden frequency in the Zakuulan communications signal called the GEMINI frequency which control all the ships in the Eternal fleet. A major breakthrough finally! You immediately instruct SCORPIO, Theron and Lana to put together a plan of attack.

And that’s how the chapter ends…

Some Thoughts on Disavowed

I really do hope that at some point in the story as a Republic Player, whether it be before or after we deal with Arcann and the Fallen Empire, we get the chance to deal with Sareesh and her corrupt dictatorship. Whether it be killing her and her lackies or getting them arrested, I think this would help connect Republic players back to their ‘roots’ so to speak. Maybe Imperial characters could have a similar story dealing with Darth Acina.

I’m also hoping that at some point in the story that Jonas Balker will show up again. Not just for Troopers but for everyone. We already know he’s buddies with Theron and that Theron gave him the intel which he passed on to Havoc Squad which led to them going to Zakuul in the first place. So I’m hoping that maybe Jonas can help out the Alliance or maybe even help facilitate the downfall of Saresh and her goons.


Interestingly in this Chapter, there are no scenes featuring Arcann or Vaylin reacting to the actions of the Outlander/Alliance or plotting schemes to destroy the Alliance or complaining about their father. Though honestly, it was kind of nice to get a break from seeing them. We did see Arcann’s wrath first hand though with the Skytroopers burning the exiled Zakuulan’s homes.

Valkorion speaks up on three occasions in this chapter. He’s dialogue does differ somewhat depending on your class and the conversation dialogue you choose. But he says nothing particularly important or special.

One thing I found weird about Disavowed was the Cantina scene. It didn’t seem to serve any purpose at all except to make it seem like some time had gone by before SCORPIO’s discovery. I honestly found it quite bizarre. It would’ve been better if we had a conversations with someone in the Cantina whether it be a ‘love interest’ or even just random soldiers or crew in the Alliance. Either way, this scene could’ve had the potential to add more depth to the story and gave us the chance to interact more with our Alliance.


Another thing that bothers me is, with all the mail we’ve been getting from various Alliance persons of note, it seems we really need to have a staff meeting. It’s annoying that you can not actually act on the messages you get as the Commander of the Alliance. I have an uneasy feeling about how the Alliance is holding up and the fact I can’t really do much about it is frustrating.

Trooper Specific Dialogue

As to be expected, there was some Trooper specific dialogue (especially for female Troopers). I found the reunion between my female Trooper and Aric Jorgan to be absolutely adorable and perfect. You could hear the excitement in the female Trooper’s voice when she hears Aric’s voice. Later on when you get back to the camp, you get to talk further and then things can get intimate yay!

You know I had honestly given up on ever hearing from our romantic interests again. It seems so long ago that we got 3 mail from them in the vanilla days. Follow up’s with our romanced companions was one of the things I’ve always wanted and now that KOTFE is giving us that chance (to some degree) I am very happy! I was honestly quite emotional finally getting reunited with one of my favourite romanced companions. I never used to be such a romantic, what has happened to me? Ugh.. Anyway..

I’m very impressed that there was no clipping with this hug.

A couple of things however did disappoint me about the dialogue. There were some missed opportunities. Firstly Elara Dorne never came up in conversation (for female troopers). I would’ve really liked to have known what happened to her and how she was doing. I’d expected us at some point to ask Aric what happened to Elara and perhaps talk about the rest of the old squad.

The other thing that bothered me was how he abruptly says he’s leaving, at the end of the Chapter, to go back to Zakuul and doesn’t really say goodbye? I was kind of hoping for one last acknowledgement of the romance. Why couldn’t w chill in the Cantina for a bit? That would’ve made that Cantina scene worthwhile and not pointless. He still does owe me a dinner date.

What did you think of Chapter 11? Are you looking forward to seeing how the story progresses?


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  • Actually Elara does get a brief mention (maybe it depends on the conversation choice) – the way I understood it, like Aric, she didn’t want to believe that you were dead but according to Aric she was “on thin ice”, implying that the whole being a born Imperial thing came back to haunt her again after all. I agree though that I really wanted to know more about what happened to her!

    • Oh I must not have picked the right conversation option.. But yeah would be nice to know more of what happened. Perhaps down the track we’ll get to know more.

    • Oh I must have used the wrong conversation option. But yes, I would still like know more about what happened to Elara.. Hopefully we’ll find out in future story. 🙂