SWTOR PvP: Why I hate Arenas

Hey everyone,

Now that Season 4 of Ranked Arenas has started up with 3.1, I thought I’d have a talk about what I dislike about Arena maps and my other gripes with Ranked PvP Arenas in general. I may have mentioned some of what I’m a about to say in previous blog posts.

Warning: Again, swearing as expected. Deal with it.

Concept Art for Season 4 Mount Reward
My Concept Art for Season 4 Mount Reward. It needs a cannon…

Small Scale Death Matches are Boring

Come on, after a while it get’s boring mindlessly killing people (yes this is subjective). The game play is less varied and more predictable in my view. So, for me, it gets old. If they added something like objectives or environmental hazards it wold certainly up the game play and make for a varied game play experience.

It’s Only Suitable for Certain Classes

Some classes are better suited to small scale death matches than others. So when it comes time to be competitive, some classes are chucked out the window in favour of the OP FOTM classes because they generally can’t perform as well, or lack the ability/utility to succeed in an arena setting.

So naturally when each season rolls around most people will only play their leet characters. While the rest of us try to cut it on classes we prefer to play but find it difficult. I’m personally very anti playing FOTM classes just so I can be competitive and get ahead. That’s boring. I guess that’s because the main class/spec I play has been considered an underdog class for most of SWTOR’s existence (it isn’t so much anymore). So I’m used to being considered an underdog and I like it.

Teaser of Season 4 PvP Rewards full of swashbuckling, piratin' goodness!
Teaser of Season 4 Legacy Weapon Set Reward full of swashbuckling, piratin’ goodness!

Objective Based PvP is More Enjoyable

I have way more fun in Warzones (and 8v8 Ranked back in the day) then I will ever have in Ranked Arenas. Simply because their are proper objectives which vary the game play experience. It makes you feel like you have a greater role or purpose to serve as all classes have strengths in objective based, larger scale settings.

On Bad Feeling Podcast, Episode 50, Chuck and Brian talked about adding objectives to Arenas and putting in environmental hazards like a lava river which I thought was a great suggestion. They had some other great idea’s as well (so you should listen). Actually, they talk about (complain about) PvP a lot…

Rant: I Can’t Stand the Hostile, Vile Ranked Culture

This has been a more recent development on my server. Season 1 and 2 were okay but during Season 3, holy shit people were abusive. As a healer I was automatically blamed for losses. I even got abused, because I couldn’t keep someone alive even though we fucking won the game anyway. How dumb is that? Who gives a fuck if you die but your team still wins? Sheesh.

morepewpewlesArena’s by nature are very team orientated. If one member of the team isn’t doing their job (because they’re wearing PvE gear, for example) then the team will fail. Everyone on the team has to pull their weight. As a healer I have a finite amount of time I can heal and manage my resources to keep people alive. This means I am extremely reliable on good Dps who know how the fuck to play their class and can focus fire, use their cooldowns and be generally awesome. If the DPS isn’t good enough, then that makes my job a lot harder and increases the likelihood that we will lose.

Trust me, I’m not saying I’m a good healer. Because I’m hardly the best. But from my experience having good Dps who know what the fuck they’re doing makes my life a hell of a lot easier. But like I already said, it’s highly team oriented and everyone has to pull their weight. And I mean every-fucking-one! Whenever I go into an Arena I go in with my A game and I do everything I possibly can to keep my team up (and if I’m not doing that then I’m lagging haha).

But why abuse someone? If you think you’re so fucking good at ranked arena’s why don’t you fucking give some advice? There’s no need to be an asshole. Also occasionally, the other team is simply fucking better so learn to fucking deal with it okay. Be nice and supportive, you never know you might help to nurture some more talent for PvP!

Yes, it’s WoW meme, just replace Battleground with Warzone/Arena and we’re good k?

We should be encouraging and supportive of people trying out ranked PvP. The last thing Ranked players should be is abusive and mean. We can’t afford it when their is such a limited pool of players as it is. An encouraging, supportive environment would go a long way to helping increase the player base.

But in saying that….

Do not fucking queue for Ranked Arenas if you’re fucking wearing fucking PvE gear!

Yes, you will get abused and to be honest, you deserve it. If kindly telling someone to wear PvP gear doesn’t work, well then they are a PvE noob who is obviously trolling and should be trolled back. If you are a noob, go do some warzones and get your 2018 expertise and get fully augmented out (like the rest of us did) before you even remotely consider queuing for ranked. Please. You can thank me later.

Other MMO’s and Arenas

I’ve only I’ve experienced WildStar Arenas personally. Apart from having different sized Arenas 3 v 3, 5 v 5 and 2 v 2 (I think, from memory), the main difference between SWTOR and WildStar’s Arenas is that you had 2 or 3 lives (again from memory). So if you died once, you could go get back into the fray and have another crack.

8 times out of 10 extra ‘lives’ probably wouldn’t make a difference to the outcome of the match anyway. But, I reckon this would make things more interesting in SWTOR’s Arenas and allow people the opportunity to gain more medals which equals more comms. So I guess it could be beneficial?

Yes, this is my meme and yes this is the second time I've sued it this week.
Yes, this is my meme and yes, this is the second time I’ve used it this week.

So what do I like about SWTOR’s PvP?

I love Warzones and Open World PvP (even though its laggy as fuck). For me, they offer a much more varied experience and objectives add an additional element of game play to make things more interesting. My fondest memories of playing SWTOR have been from large scale Open World PvP conflicts on various planets like Oricon, Black Hole, the Rakghoul Tunnels and the odd biff up at Outlaws Den. (I’ve only had small scale encounters on Yavin so far but I hope their will be some large scale wars on Yavin at some point on my server).

The main reason why I’m still PvPing despite the many issues and let downs is because of the social aspect. I can play and have fun with my guildies and I still enjoy Warzones. bane-catHaving multiple alts also helps as you get a varied game play experience from each advanced class and spec so that helps to keep things somewhat fresh.

On a final note, just because I don’t particularly like Arenas that much doesn’t mean I won’t do them. Because you will likely see me queue a little bit. It’s okay to not like something but still on the odd occasion find some enjoyment out of it. Sometimes the rewards are enough for me to queue to at least get the Tier 2 ones. I kind of feel like as PvPer you have to at least have some some visible way of showing that you PvP by flaunting your rewards to be recognised as a PvPer…. (yes that sounds dumb, but that’s just how it is for me..)

So can you relate to my misgivings about Arenas or do you like them? What do you think the prospects are for PvP this year in SWTOR? What are your thoughts on how other MMO’s do their Ranked Arenas?

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  • kumbayagod

    Oh my god your blog is spot on xami, hehe. Today I did some ranked matches and of total I win 70 percent of my arena but pn those 70% I lose 30%, and those 30 percent loses is either my team mate died earlier, we matchrx with better team or I screw up.
    But man people are so fucking loudmouth when our team lose and if anyone of our team died swearing like you are bad, shit, useless etc is just common. And even sometime the loud mouth asshole died first, I say nothong coz it is team play and demoralizing your team wont make it better. I play as sorc as my main pvp and pve so in arena many times we are focus first and with the sea of sin and pt it is aint easy as you been focus most of the time, but I pull my weight but like you I like wz than arena becoz only I can say 2 class in dominant pt and sin. / end rant