SWTOR PTS is Live with New Warzone and Arena

Hey everyone,

The PTS is now live and can be patched with Game Update 4.3. Notably, the new Warzone called ‘Alliance Proving Ground’ and the new Rishi Arena are available for testing.

The Patch Notes are also available, which you can see below or read them here. Notable highlights include the PvE and PvP instancing which was datamined a few days ago. You can read more about what was datamined on TORCommunity. Note they will not be introducing Megaservers at this time.


Playtesting Sessions

Bioware have set up a couple of Playtesting sessions for the new Warzone and Arena at the following times:

  • Friday 26th 4pm PST / Saturday 27th Midnight UTC / 11am AEDT.
  • Saturday 27th 4pm PST / Sunday 28th Midnight UTC / 11am AEDT.

The Devs will also be participating in the Playtesting, but they will be incognito. To participate, you will need to download the PTS and then copy your characters over to the PTS (making sure they’re not in a Stronghold or Guildship beforehand). Instructions for how to download the PTS and how to copy your character can be found here. We’ve all been encouraged to give feedback about the new Warzone and Arena over on the PTS forums.


What do we know so far about Alliance Proving Grounds?

To get a bit of a prenup about the new Warzone, Alliance Proving Grounds, listen to Bad Feelings Podcast Episode 103 where Chuck and Brian interview Eric Musco, the SWTOR Community Manager, about the new Warzone!

Alliance Proving Grounds takes place on the planet Odessen and is basically a training simulation for the Alliance (featured in KOTFE). The Gameplay for this new Warzone is based off the classic ‘King of the Hill’ game style. For the first time ever in SWTOR, the queue (for this Warzone only) will be cross-faction. So both teams will have Imperial and Republic players mixed together.

Basically, you and your team mates will be competing for control of various capture points which randomly spawn and despawn all over the map. There are four rounds to battle it out (with different spawn points for players each round) and various new power-ups to help out your team.

I’ll post a more in-depth overview of Alliance Proving Grounds once I’ve had the chance to play it.

Alliance Proving Grounds Map

One important thing to note is that Preferred players can get on the PTS! So happy PvPing all and I hope to see some of you on the PTS over the next couple of weeks!

Are you excited about the New Warzone? Are you going to get on the PTS and check it out?


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