SW:TOR: Notice Anything Odd in this Arena? (Yes, Yet Another Bug)

Hey everyone,

Thought I’d share with you all this (albeit minor) bug my Guildies and I came across when PvPing the other day.

Some of you probably already figured out what happened but I’ll explain it for those who don’t know. We ended up with five people on our team. Why? One of my Guildies who was level 59 entered the Arena and leveled to 60. So next thing we know a fifth person entered and we now had five people on our team. Naturally we got accused of hacking… As you do…

I know this bug is pretty minor compared to the other ones out there at the moment. It was funny at the time though.

So what are everyone’s predictions on when they will fix all these bugs, exploits and performance issues in SW:TOR since 3.0 came out? Weeks? Months? (Note how generous I’m being). What you like to see fixed in the game ASAP?

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