SWTOR Lead Composer Comments on Datamined KOTET Music

Jedipedia recently published datamined Knights of the Eternal Throne Music which they shared on the SWTOR SubReddit. Jesse Harling, the Lead Composer for SWTOR left a comment which gives us some insight into how they develop music for SWTOR.

Essentially, the datamined music consists of rough MIDI-oriented (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) demo tracks. So they are not the final tracks that will be used in the KOTET Expansion, rather they are placeholders.

He went on to say that they went to Nashville and live record the music with a 70 piece orchestra and choir.

It’s always fascinating to hear what goes behind the scenes in making a video game (even music development). It was great to hear about this directly from someone works on the game too. Honestly, it would be nice if we saw more of this for all aspects of SWTOR’s development.

Hopefully one day Bioware will release the SWTOR soundtracks at an official level whether paid for or for free (like they did with the vanilla tracks).

You can listen to the rough sample tracks on Soundcloud.

Thank you Tougakun for the tip!


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  • sammy walker

    The sound track. Is great I think kotet should be great