SWTOR KOTFE “Become the Outlander” Gameplay Trailer Analysis

Hey everyone,

I know this is super late, but, I have finally finished it. For your reading pleasure, here is my analysis of the “Become the Outlander” Gameplay Trailer that was shown at the EA Gamescon Press Conference.

Note my breakdown is based purely off of the trailer and from watching Lady Insanity’s video about the ‘behind closed doors’ E3 Press Preview. I don’t take into consideration ‘that’ datamined story teaser as that would give away a major story spoiler (although, admittedly, the datamined spoiler does offer some minor context to the scenes shown in the trailer, but I don’t think it’s important to consider for this analysis).

This post is mostly speculation closely looking at what we see in the trailer and drawing conclusions. So nothing I conclude is definitive and can’t be without further story context. But, if you want to remain spoiler free then don’t read any further.

First of all here’s write up of the Voiceover/Dialogue for your convenience. I’ll consider parts of the dialogue in more detail below.

Trailer Voiceover/Dialogue

Valkorion: ‘You come all this way? What do you want?’

Outlander: ‘I want you, to answer for your crimes!’

‘I am a Veteran of the Great Galactic War,
I’ve carried many Titles into combat
Only one matters now,

Zakuul Knight: ‘Outlander, Surrender!’

Lana Beniko: ‘The Empire and Republic have all but Fallen,’
‘You’re our last hope.’

Outlander: ‘You want to fight?! I’m ready!’

Valkorion: ‘You do not have to stand against me.’
‘Instead, I will share all of this with you,
If you will only kneel.’

Trailer Analysis



The opening sequence shows The Outlander (your character) and Darth Marr, bound, in the Eternal Throne room walking towards the throne. The Eternal Emperor, Valkorion and Prince Arcann are there, waiting.


Valkorion: ‘You come all this way? What do you want?’

This possibly implies that the Zakuul Empire is some distance away from known Republic and Imperial Space? Or that Darth Marr and ‘The Outlander’ went to a lot of trouble to find Valkorion and the Zakuul Empire (well, before they were captured anyway) maybe?

outlander-trailer-grab-01Look at all those Zakuul Knights. You can also see Vaylin, Arcann’s sister, in the background to the left of ‘The Outlander’, behind a Zakuul Knight.

Outlander: ‘I want you, to answer for your crimes!’

Well this line implies that Valkorion has already invaded parts of the Republic and Empire? I wonder if there’s more to it?


Nice view of the Eternal Throne Room. I suspect that is ‘The Outlander’ and Darth Marr arriving after they’ve been captured.


The sun generator, mentioned by Lady Insanity, in her overview of the E3 Press preview where press saw a demo of Chapter 3 ‘The Outlander’.

vaylinA close up of Vaylin who is involved in a confrontation with ‘The Outlander’.

outlander-trailer-grab-26‘The Outlander’ crossing blades with Vaylin.

outlander-trailer-grab-24A ship that’s been damaged. Who is on the ship? ‘The Outlander’ perhaps?

outlander-trailer-grab-25Oh that explains the ship damage.. It was attacked by spinning disks/probes? It’s highly likely this is ‘The Outlander’ and Lana attempting to escape Zakuul. So another Chapter 3 scene maybe?

outlander-trailer-grab-20Zakuul Knight: ‘Outlander, Surrender!’

Again, this is part of Chapter 3.

outlander-trailer-grab-02Lana Beniko about to kill a Zakuul Knight after the Zakuul Knight confrontation Lady Insanity describes perhaps? You, ‘The Outlander’ gets to choose whether she kills this particular Knight or not.

outlander-trailer-grab-03Darth Marr hacking up Zakuul Skytroopers. Looks like he’s on an Imperial ship. Perhaps a Dreadnaught?

outlander-trailer-grab-04The Empire and the Republic are allies again? They’re fighting back Zakuul Skytroopers on what again appears to be an Imperial ship.

outlander-trailer-grab-21Yep that’s clearly an Imperial ship of some kind. Looks like they’re in a hangar bay.
outlander-trailer-grab-15Lana Beniko rescuing the Outlander who is frozen in carbonite. This is the beginning of Chapter 3 according to Lady Insanity.

outlander-trailer-grab-22‘The Outlander’ on an Imperial ship, that’s under attack (the same one from scenes above?) running to an escape pod perhaps or to help out?

outlander-trailer-grab-05I’m willing to bet this is the Imperial Dreadnaught getting blown up that we saw fighting on in previous scenes. Also a nice nod to that classic A New Hope shot.

Lana Beniko: ‘The Empire and Republic have all but Fallen,’

Well damn, the Sith Empire and Republic both get annihilated by the Zakuul Empire pretty early on in the story it seems.
outlander-trailer-grab-16Lana’s ‘Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! You’re our only hope!’ routine to you, ‘The Outlander’. This is at the beginning of Chapter 3.

Lana Beniko: ‘You’re our last hope.’

A ‘throwback’ to the scene at the beginning of the trailer. Prince Arcann is leading ‘The Outlander’ and Darth Marr to Valkorion. You will also note Vaylin is in the foreground on the left. Did Prince Arcann capture ‘The Outlander’ and Darth Marr?

Outlander: ‘You want to fight?! I’m ready!’

‘The Outlander’ seems a little pissed off. Gee I wonder why?..

outlander-trailer-grab-07In this scene it is only ‘The Outlander’ with Valkorion and Arcann. Note their are no Zakuul Knights or other people. Darth Marr also isn’t present?

Why would they do a throwback to the scene at the beginning of the trailer, when this new scene they’re showing us, is obviously a different one?
outlander-trailer-grab-08Notice Valkorions eyes? ‘The Outlander’ is bound in this scene too.

Valkorion: ‘You do not have to stand against me.’

outlander-trailer-grab-09Those are some fancy ships.

Valkorion:  ‘Instead, I will share all of this with you,


Valkorion: If you will only kneel.’

Well damn. It feels like a trap to me. Why would he offer you everything? What does he have to gain from it? I wonder what happens next? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Additional Commentary

There are a few different scenes we see in the trailer.

  • ‘The Outlander’ and Darth Marr are bound, and brought before the Eternal Emperor Valkorion. Prince Arcann and Vaylin are also present. Later in the trailer we see another part of the scene.
  • The Sun Generator (Chapter 3 according to Lady Insanity).
  • A confrontation between Vaylin and ‘The Outlander’ (possibly Chapter 3).
  • A ship under attack, possibly ‘The Outlander’ escaping with Lana? (perhaps this is our [The Outlander’s] escape once we get on the ship with Koth Vortena and HK-55 as Lady Insanity describes happens in Chapter 3). Note that the press preview ended when everyone got on the ship so they didn’t see the ‘escape’.
  • Imperial Dreadnaught(?) under attack. Darth Marr, ‘The Outlander’, Imperial and Republic troops fighting back a Zakuul attack. Then we see an Imperial Dreadnaught being blown up which is likely the same ship we see scenes of fighting on.
  • Lana Beniko rescuing ‘The Outlander’ at the beginning of  Chapter 3 (according to Lady Insanity).
  • Eternal Throne Room scene with just ‘The Outlander’, Valkorion and Arcann.

The trailer appears to give us a glimpse of scenes from the first few chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Perhaps chapters 1-3? It’s interesting to see Darth Marr and our character, ‘The Outlander’, working together. We can also conclude from additional imagery shown that, once again, the Republic and Sith Empire are allies. The context for an alliance? The obvious answer is to deal with the Zakuul Empire? Of course we don’t know when or how the alliance happens just yet to know for sure. Perhaps there is more to it?

We also got to see what appears to be some scenes described by Lady Insanity in her video about the ‘behind closed doors’ E3 Press Preview of Knights of the Fallen Empire. At the press event, they showed gameplay from Knights of the Fallen Empire, specifically Chapter 3, which Lady Insanity describes in her video. Some of the scenes shown in the trailer match her descriptions of what she saw.

I believe it is likely that all the other scenes, that are not from Chapter 3, happen in Chapter 1 and 2. I could be wrong though.

It was nice of them to offer us an intriguing tease of the story and what’s to come. There have also been some very interesting press images that have surfaced recently which I shall be highlighting in another post soon. Hopefully I will also finish my follow up article to my appearance on the most recent Ootini SpoilerCast soon.

Thank you all for reading my overview! Did I miss anything? Do you have any additional thoughts? What did you think of the trailer? Are you looking forward to the Knights of the Fallen Empire story?


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  • wangxiuming

    Great post as usual! But did you mean throwback as opposed to ‘through back’ ?

    My only other comment would be that I don’t think Valkorion is necessarily offering to share his Empire with the Outlander, so much as he is offering to allow him/her to live and serve said empire. He did qualify his offer with “if you will only kneel,” suggesting he wants our characters to be subservient to him.

    • Thank you and yes that’s what I meant.. /facepalm

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking too he is offering ‘The Outlander’ a place in the Zakuul Empire subservient to him.

      • Kel’Shara “Kel Dragon” Wrath o

        Great Analysis. Think your post put the last parts of the puzzle in my mind together and now I can see where this all is going.

        But two things I want to add.

        Zakuul is indeed very far away. In fact they left a hint where it is. If you read the description of the Gamescome Trailer on Youtube you will find this ( pic added)

        And about the offer of Valkorion. I think that due to the fact that our character is the only one who could stop the Emperor it does not mean that he might had something different in mind.
        I see it that way. Both of them are important to the galaxy. In their own way and both are leaving their marks behind. If Valkorion could really turn “us” to his side there would be much more he could accomplish.
        But it’s just a thought of mine.

        • I agree with what you said. He would prefer us to be on his side.

          Oh I hadn’t actually looked at the description. They practically give away the story haha.

          • Kel’Shara “Kel Dragon” Wrath o

            I hardly do that as well, but this time I hit the read more button and the descripiton appeard and voila … outer rim ^^

            oh, and about the story- I give a short hint. Watch out for #kofespoiler ^^