SW:TOR: Initial Impressions of 3.0 PvP

Hey everyone,

Now that I’ve had the chance to give PvP a good go I’m going to share a couple of thoughts on both Ranked and Normal PvP. I’ll be talking from a Mercenary/Commando heals perspective as that is all I have played so far at max level PvP. I do prefer Warzones over Arena’s as I prefer larger scale engagements over smaller ones. But I do enjoy the occasional Arena. I don’t claim to be a good PvPer so yeah these are just observations from someone who enjoys PvP.


I have to say I’m very much enjoying Warzones at the present time. The mobile game play of Merc/Mando heals now is very enjoyable and I’ve found my healing output has increased and I can keep myself alive much longer now. My burst healing capability has also improved as well and I feel there is more I can do to keep myself and others alive. So Merc/Mando heals are in pretty good shape in PvP right now in my opinion.

Current Biggest Heal Record
Current Biggest Heal Record

Overall class balance wise, well that’s a bit harder to gauge. It appears all healers seem fairly equally viable in warzones now. As always a quality player can put out the heals no matter the heals class they are playing. Sorcs/Sages are the most common healers I’ve come across so far, while still coming across the others fairly frequently.

The most common class by far I’ve come across overall are Sorcs/Sages. They are everywhere. If their isn’t at least one on your team or one on the other then something is seriously messed up with the world. But usually there’s 3 Sorc healers on your team and 5 Telekenetics Sages plus a Balance Sage thrown in for good measure on the other team.. lol. So needless to say Sages/Sorcs are now the new FOTM.

Current Total Healing Record
Current Total Healing Record

Other classes I’ve seen regularly include Juggernauts/Guardians, Assassins/Shadows, Powertechs/Vanguards and some Commando’s/Mercenaries. I’m a little surprised that I haven’t seen more Commando’s/Mercenaries about cause they’re in a decent place Dps wise as well from what I’ve seen. You do see the other classes here and there but not as often.

Ranked Arena’s

I’ve queued for both solo and team ranked and have enjoyed the more intense game play of Arena’s. Solo pops are fairly frequent even for healers at the moment on the Harbinger which is a little surprising. So that should mean I’ll gear up quicker. I kind of do okay healing in solo but definitely need to improve and get more practice!

You pretty much see the same FOTM classes in ranked as you do in regular Warzones. So again just Sorcerers, Juggernauts, Powertechs, Assassins and Mercenaries.

My boyfriend, a couple of guildies and myself tried out Team Ranked recently and ended up playing against one the best teams on our server. Needless to say we got smashed repeatedly but I still found it fun and I was earning comms so it was all good. We just need the practice and hopefully we’ll be able to improve. Ideally we’d like to face a variety of different teams so we can test things out, learn to work together and play our classes better.

So if there is anyone on The Harbinger who wants to do Team Ranked (we don’t care how good or bad you are, we’ll verse any team) let me know. We need the practice while it’s preseason and we’d like to see what other teams do and how they play and learn from more experienced teams.

Open World PvP

I have only been part of some minor skirmishes so far on Yavin IV. Those were mostly in the Coalition Staging Area before they made it a sanctuary. So yes, I am disappointed they choose to make it a sanctuary despite it making sense from a lore perspective. I thought is was absolutely brilliant having an area where the Republic and Imperial quest areas are shared and you could have Open World PvP right there.

I really hope down the track they will have a similar kind of area that fits into the SW:TOR lore. That kind of area, along with having achievements is one way that is really good for encouraging Open World PvP.

So RIP Coalition Staging Area PvP.

So yeah that’s about it for now. I’m finding PvP to be very enjoyable and I’m looking forward to doing more! I’ll do some technical/guide type posts in near future relating to PvP and do a Commando/Mercenary healing guide with a PvP focus in the near future as well!

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or queries feel free to tweet me!

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