SWTOR Game Update 5.2 Giveaway!


To celebrate the launch of Star Wars The Old Republic’s newest update, Game Update 5.2 The War of Iokath, and finally getting the first boss in a brand new Operation, I’m doing a giveaway! I will be picking out random winners from a hat (or some kind of container like object) on a special Twitch Livestream!

So what’s up for grabs?

  • 30-Day Sub Time Codes*
  • Taun Faun Pet Codes*

What do you have to do to enter?

All you have to do to enter is leave a Comment in the comments section below (if you comment please include your Twitter handle or SWTOR Account name) or Tweet me directly (@Rach_Games):

  • Your favourite feature** Game Update 5.2.
  • One feature** you’d love to see added or improved in a future Game Update.

When does the Giveaway entry period start and finish?

The Giveaway starts on Tuesday 18th April 1 pm CDT and ends Wednesday 26th April 11:59 pm CDT.

How will the winners be notified?

I will be drawing out the winners on a Livestream Thursday 27th April at 3 pm CDT on either twitch.tv/xam_xam (if I can get it to work) or twitch.tv/andynulpvp***. After the stream, I will announce the winners on social media than send each of them a private message. If you are a winner, once you receive my message you must respond/acknowledge the message then I will send you the Code you won!


If you comment, please include your Twitter handle or your SWTOR Account Name so I have a means of contacting you if you win! No other contact methods will be accepted. If you choose to tweet me your entry I will reply so you know I got your entry!

Please be brief, concise and to the point with your entry. If you tweet me your entry, limit your entry to the 140 character tweet limit (your Twitter handle will be your point of contact). Anyone who’s entries are too long or who don’t supply a means to contact them (if they comment below) will not have their entry counted. I just want to see what you like and what you want. That is all! I don’t care why you like or want a feature. That will not be taken into consideration so don’t waste your (or my) time!

Example Comment Entry:

  • Twitter Handle: @Rach_Games
  • Favourite 5.2 Feature: Tyth
  • Future Feature: Class Changes

You can be a little more specific if you wish. But again, keep your answers short (a couple of sentences at the absolute most should suffice).


  • Warzone – (planet/setting) Dantooine and/or (ruleset) CTF
  • Story – Reuniting with Elara.
  • Class Changes – Powertech: Better Defensive Cooldowns, Sorcerer: Increased DPS.

But remember ONE Feature per category.

Exceptions: you can put more than one Feature if they are similar/accomplish the same thing eg. Cross-server/Mega Server. If your Feature is a new Species or Planet you may list up to 3 that you like if you wish (same with Class Changes).

Good luck everyone! If you have further questions, please let me know!

*Giveaway codes were provided courtesy of Eric Musco, SWTOR Community Manger. **Examples of Game Features include Story, Dailies, Warzones, Operations, Character Customisation, Conquest, Planet, Cross-Server etc. ***Subject to change. Details, when finalised, will be announced closer to when the Giveaway ends.


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  • Sienah

    Twitter Handle: @unholyalliances
    Favourite 5.2 Feature: Jace Malcom!
    Future Feature: One new fully-realised class per faction (hey, I can dream)

  • Twitter Handle: @wast3gat3
    Fav 5.2 Feature: Galaxy Map. It’s like when they reduced starports to 1min wait in SWG!
    Future Feature: Crafters who get the major patch achievement like should be able to use a single toon to craft any profession so that you don’t have to log on and off toons constantly and it becomes a legacy wide profession crafting perk. Any toon can craft the same profession.

  • OzzmanThe1st

    Twitter Handle: @OzzmanThe1st
    Favourite 5.2 Feature: Iokath, small story bit.
    Future Feature: Optimized friend system. Add accounts instead of individual toons.

  • Copjo Ronia

    Fav.=dynamic zooming in new galaxy map 😀
    Future=your choice of ANY planet to set-up a stronghold 😀
    Twit-handle= @copjo_mordsith 😀

  • Celyn Ravensheart

    Twitter handle: @celyntheraven
    Fav: the fight with Tyth
    Future: more meaningful companions reunions

  • Padawan Ares

    Twitter handle: @5Ares5
    Fav: coming back to Iokath and the new introductions for each class
    Future: an option to toggle hoods in customization window

  • Nicholas Smith

    Twitter Handle: @nicksmiff4
    Favourite 5.2 Feature: Re-uniting with companions
    Future Feature: More companion conversations.

  • Ali Kishk

    Twitter handle: @darth_vitiate_
    5.2 feature: the fight with Tyth
    New feature: a minigame where you can command the eternal fleet

  • Arculst

    Twitter Handle: @TheArculst
    5.2 Feature: An attempt at reigniting open world PvP.
    Future Feature: Them actually giving incentive to do open world PvP (exclusive rewards or something)

  • Skwire Cortez

    The chance to take my Bounty Hunter in a new direction by aligning with the Republic and not forced to work for the Empire. Our characters have grown a lot since their initial storylines and seeing how that culminates on Iokath adds more depth.
    I’d like to see walker combat improved. It’s too slow and for some reason I lag like crazy. This has the potential to be the next Galactic Starfighter.

  • Don Buley

    Haven’t done PVP in AGES but I think Iokath is going to see my return to it.
    This may be silly and most people will probably hate me for it, but I would love to have a water planet where we can swim or pilot subs or *something*.

  • Sozinho

    Twitter Handle: Soliu
    Favorite 5.2 Feature: The dailies, because it is a good change. Some times I can only log into the game for a short period, so haing something new to do is very good for me.
    Future Feature: Adding main weapons to the outfit, one general with stats and others just cosmetics.

  • Odobuzz

    Twitter Handle: @cothro
    Favourite 5.2 Feature: Iokath Reputation, I LOVE REPUTATION ! ! !
    Future Feature: Guild member icons on the mini map