SWTOR Esport Tournaments – The Possibilities

Hey everyone,

First of all, what in the actual fuck is happening? And secondly, holy shit!?

I was speechless yesterday when I saw Musco’s tweet about a PvE tournament.. So I clicked the link and low and behold there was a shiny gold Dev Post giving us the basics for a SWTOR PvE Tournament.

esport tourney

So this is a new and very exciting isn’t it?  It’s a great way to show appreciation to and acknowledge the player base. It also opens up potential for other future events. Anything that brings the community together is a positive for the game. This is also a great vehicle for promoting and hyping SWTOR! (And it’s nice to see SWTOR doing a good job of this themselves for once). We’ll get more details on how the Tournament is going to work next week.


The Possibilities

I guess it’s fair enough that they would start with something fairly simple like a PvE Tournament. I believe they’re just using this as a trial to see how well it goes. If this tournament works out well they will hopefully do some more tournaments in the future *cough* PvP *cough*.

For PvP Tournaments they could do stuff with arenas, have a huttball league, have a warzone league (like having 8v8 ranked again) etc. a.aaa-And-cats-are-already-in-the-The easiest way for a PvP Tournament to work would be to have it on the PTS.

For future tournaments, they should try to stream them and get members of the community involved (streamers, podcasters, bloggers etc.). Streaming them would help to promote the game and bring in the competitive aspect that is severely lacking in SWTOR. There isn’t really much streaming potential for a PvE Tournament such as this but perhaps for PvP it would work better.

Community Reactiond

The reaction has been mixed, to say the least. With most praising Bioware for this initiative while others have taken the opportunity to complain about the bugs which could cause problems (a Dev Post was made about this). Generally, most are cautiously optimistic and see the potential the tournament has.

I’m impressed that they have gone in this direction. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out and am cautiously optimistic that this could lead to greater things.


Some questions for Bioware: Why now? What compelled you guys to do this? Is this part of your plan to hype the game cause of The Force Awakens? Why would you guys all of a sudden to do something that rewards the players for once?

How do you think the tournament will go? Will you be participating?

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  • Ok…the positive, great to see the community team actually doing something that promotes the game and fires up the community. BUT…(you knew there was going to be a but…lol) this is what is worrying to me and in my mind classic Bioware communication. We have this big event planned…here are some scant details, the event kicks off in a week but we will give you more info in the following week???

    So my 1st impression is that this is rushed, slapped together quickly and because of that it will be a thing for a few weeks then…you will never hear of it again or only in dev posts stating they would love to visit it again sometime in the future.

  • You had me at cat pics, the secret to internet popularity.

    It’s a good thing and I hope they manage to bring some more attention to the game, great to see them trying something new, but one weeks notice really hinders the amount of hype that can be built in my opinion.

    For those taking part I’m happy they are addressing some of the bugs prior to the tournament, fingers crossed it goes well and we can see more PvE and PvP tournaments in the future.