SWTOR Developer Stream: Yavin IV Stronghold & Togruta Review

Hey everyone,

The Devs finally did another stream where they showed off some new upcoming content. So what did Musco and Toby talk about? How well did they communicate with the players?

What was Announced on the Stream?


  • They are still working on the Togruta species so no colour variations or customisations were shown on the stream today.
  • They’re still deciding pricing, but it should be similar to current species unlocks ie. Cathar (600 CC).
  • They’re hoping to release the Togruta in Game Update 3.3.

Yavin IV Stronghold

  • It’s a compound, much like the Tatooine Stronghold, featuring a large Temple Structure, a bridge and plenty of outside space with a great view.
  • A total of 16 Centerpiece Hooks and 2 Starship Hooks.
  • Lots and lots of all the other hooks everywhere.
  • Ancient Stone Tile: rocket boost button to get on top of temple roof (similar to the ones on Ziost).
  • A really fancy waterfall inside the Temple structure in the Stronghold Compound.
  • Secret areas and decoration hooks on roof sections of the Temple structure.
  • Cost will be similar to Tatooine/Nar Shaddaa Stronghold purchase and room/area unlocks. They haven’t decided specific costs yet.
  • Unfortunately, there will still be the four stronghold limit. So if you have all four strongholds unlocked, you have to deactivate one to be able to get the Yavin IV stronghold.
  • New Decorations: Hanging Moss (Wall hook), Jungle Vines (ceiling hook).

Other Info:

  • Game Update 3.3 Relase Date: 21st July.
  • June 15 – Musco is insanely excited about it. That’s all he would say. Watch out for EA E3 Press Conference.
  • No news on new PvE content.
  • PTS will be up Thursday 4th June-  Patch Notes.

My Thoughts on the Stream

Well, the good news was there was no mention of Kai Zyyken, so that’s a plus. But overall, it was a pretty standard Dev Stream with Musco and Toby (the stronghold designer). They had some technical difficulties, shortly after showing a Female Togruta, which they blamed on OBS. Once they got the stream restarted Toby went through and showed us the Yavin Stronghold.

Musco did a good job at acknowledging questions asked in the Twitch Chat; when they were related to Strongholds or Togruta. He acknowledged questions about PvE and PvP but gave nonsensical answers. His response to people in chat asking about when new PvE content was coming out was to say that they just released Ziost.. Like really? They consider that endgame content? Wow. For PvP he just referred people to the blog post they did on the changes and to the Bad Feeling Podcast PvP interview. He refused to comment on June 15 but said to keep an eye on the internet, specifically, the E3 EA Press Conference.

Overall, the stream was somewhat informative for the content shown. They didn’t announce specifics though and were unable to show customisation options for the Togruta unfortunately. It was a decent stream. Not their worst, but not their best.

So I guess all that remains is to wait and see what they have in store for us on June 15.

What did you think of the stream? Are you looking forward to Game Update 3.3?


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  • Menzaladoc

    As I’ve said before. It just really suggests the dev team has been cut down to a bare minimum skeleton crew, and that any additions/expansions to the game will continue to be in small increments. One race added. One stronghold. Endgame barely addressed while so many are screaming for it. EA and Bioware will swear they’re committed to keeping SWTOR fresh or some such thing, but honestly this is something we got used to in Star War Galaxies for years. Getting fed by the tidbit.

    • Yeah I agree they’re operating on a skeleton crew. It’s the sad reality now, one I’ve come to terms with (yeah, I’m over my angry phase).

      For example: the fact that Alex Modney is in charge of not just PvP, but combat/class changes and GSF it’s not wonder we’d had no PvP content for so long.

    • Random

      Yup, Teo says he has seen the Dev Team and its ‘large’. I don’t know how long ago that was either way I don’t believe it. All evidence points to a skeleton crew.
      1 guy makes raids and flashpoints.
      1 guy makes warzones and does class balances and like 1 day a year he works on GSF.
      A few random guys do random stuff like strongholds, conquest, etc, whoever does bugs and a bunch of cartel market booty designers.