SWTOR Developer Livestream Review

Hey everyone,

The Developer’s finally did a Twitch Stream, on Friday 20th March, to make up for cancelling the Boston Community Cantina Tour. Hosting the stream was Bruce Maclean, Michael Backus and Eric Musco.

You can watch the archived version of the stream at: http://www.twitch.tv/swtor/b/639305194

Be warned, if you watch the archived stream that there are story spoilers. They show a few cut scenes. So I highly recommend not watching it if you don’t want the story spoiled. I won’t reveal any story spoilers from the stream.

stream screen grab
The 3 Amigo’s…

General Comments

The stream overall was very ‘story’ focused. It was essentially a ‘presentation’ of the upcoming content in Game Update 3.2. Rise of the Emperor which see’s a new planet Ziost, with a continuation of the story after Shadow of Revan and the Outfit Designer System introduced.

It was good to finally see them do a stream like this featuring Developers. There was even a marketing rep lurking in the shadows.. That was umm… ‘interesting’. They all seemed very enthusiastic about the game.

I found their enthusiasm a bit off-putting to be honest. Just knowing how frustrated many in the community are with the game (yet still play the game), who have offered idea’s to fix the issues, and the lack of Cat-memes-hahaha-noacknowledgement of the community in general is heartbreaking. We love SWTOR, we see it’s potential, yet it feels like we’re ignored. It’s like they’re trapped in a Force Barrier and are completely oblivious to the community outside of the forums.



Was it formal or informal?

It was quite formal (compared to their Community Streams). For the most part they stuck to talking about the game, but at the same time it was quite casual with them joking around and being a little silly. Which I thought was fine. Overall the format was satisfactory for the content of the stream. The community seems to like it a lot more when they do streams involving Devs which give information about upcoming content and which are more formal and structured.

Community Interaction – Answering Questions

Did they answer or at least take note of the community’s questions in a timely manner?

Nope. There was no Q&A and very little acknowledgement of the community. There was the odd comment acknowledging something someone said in chat but otherwise they stuck by the script of only talking about Game Update 3.2. Anything unrelated to that was completely ignored. They did write down a couple of random idea’s they picked up from chat even though most of the suggestions have been seen a thousand times over.SWTOR_RotE_Livestream_33

It was quite disappointing to see this. A typical Cantina has a Q&A session and even the opportunity for players to talk to the Devs. All they had to do was have people watching chat (which they did have) and then at the end pick topics which were frequently mentioned and from their, ask the community what they wanted to know about a specific topic. If it was a subject they don’t want to talk about (like PvP) then all they had to do is say we have nothing new to talk about. But also, and the most fucking important thing for them to do, is at the very least acknowledge that they know the players concerns about whatever topic they don’t wish to talk about.

foood catssssssssRelevancy of Content

Did they talk about sandwiches or did they actually talk about 3.2?

They mention putting bets on how long it would be till they mentioned food and did go off on silly tangents a couple of times. But these were short lived and they went back to talking about 3.2. So they did a decent job of staying on topic.


What did they avoiding talking about? What questions did they not answer/ignore?

They completely ignored all the PvP chatter in chat. They focused solely on the Game Update 3.2, which was fair enough, but they still should have at least acknowledged the other parts of the game (like PvP) brought up in chat. Their continued avoidance of the subject of PvP is not doing them any favors with the community. I myself, and many others, have complained time and time again about PvP and have offered solutions as to how they need to fix PvP. It is a game mode in desperate need of some love.


Concluding Thoughts

While the delivery of the content was satisfactory, they failed to address the concerns of the players particularly in regards to PvP. I know that wasn’t the purpose of the stream but they should have had a Q&A section, like they do at normal cantina’s, where people can ask questions. I know with a stream and the number of viewers they had this would’ve been difficult but it was still doable.

So the verdict? 5/10. The structure was decent and they stuck to talking about the game, mostly. But the lack of a Q&A session and ignoring concerns brought up in chat didn’t endear them to the PvP community.


Oh and if anyone wants to give me a Cantina Mount Code from the Star Wars Celebration Cantina, I would greatly appreciate it and give you a shout out with internet hugs!

What did you think of the livestream? Is there any hope for PvP in SWTOR?

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  • Amen, on the lack of discussion of PvP content. Just saying “we hear you” would help a lot, I think. It wouldn’t hush is completely, but hey, it’s at least EFFORT!

  • “We love SWTOR, we see it’s potential, yet it feels like we’re ignored. It’s like they’re trapped in a Force Barrier and are completely oblivious to the community outside of the forums.”

    You know what gets me is that Oricon, CZ-198 and even Manaan are largely wasted space that could be turned into various kinds of PvP zones. Hate seeing planets essentially going to waste.

    • Even if they took old content like this and “switched on” open world PvP occasionally on PvE servers, that would be “new content” for at least half of the servers. Or just give a stinkin quest for killing 10 players in every daily zone. Not that hard.

  • Joseph Brown

    Seeing the stream and having the words re played why i wait for it to load up. I had the time to re look at a you tube post from the pax south and the 4 pilers fresh in my mind and then watch the stream chat blow up with the Ccoins i was trying to look for chat about pvp but was over so fast cause the flood of that word then in the revan i missed most of the chat. I still think they need to step back and take the rose clouded glass off and see the game as it is today has 3 parts to it PVE PVP and there added GSf and see they put there time to me in the first part then walk over to the drum and give it a spin and then pick out a ball or something and then put the stuff on it into a pack or some how work it in to the cartel market.

  • I’t only shows that BioWare focus their attention to Story line Cartel market and Rp. At list it looks that way. I did not see the stream, I’m not say they complete ignore it they have tried and they still try to balance stuff but they don’t know what they are doing at all, u cant only see the statistic and metrics and judge from that only that’s just damn state failure.

    Idk. It still have potential but there are allot that stacks against pvp right now. Its hard for me that wants to defend bioware but u cant when all the fact’s and all the stuff that happen now and in the past, you cant ignore that.

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