SWTOR Community Stream Changes: Thoughts and Suggestions

Hey everyone,

We hopefully don’t have to wait too long to see a newly formatted Community Stream! For those of you who have been hiding under Mesa’s, Musco came out recently with this post on the Dev Tracker.

sommunity stream changes

It looks like the Community Team are intent on improving the quality of their Community Streams which is great to see! So let’s break down what they said and see if their goals are a step in the right direction and how likely it is that they will live up to the changes they’ve outlined.

Playing Classes they are familiar with: Well.. this is a no brainer. I mean, it was pretty embarrassing sometimes watching them try to PvP on their characters. Hopefully if they play classes they know then they’ll at least be decent at them?

Heavier Concentration of PvE: Meh.. I’m personally not the biggest fan of PvE, I don’t mind watching them do Operation’s but the last thing I want to do is watch them run flashpoints… I prefer to watch PvP and as stated above if they play characters they are familiar with and play better then it will be more enjoyable to watch.

Guild/Streamer Support: Yes Please! If they do this right it will be a great initiative for the community. There are some great SWTOR streamers in the community and it would be great for them to have recognition and exposure form Bioware. Incorporating Guilds will be great as well. As long as they have a variety of types of guilds and not just hardcore, well known progression raiding guilds.

Server/Faction Variance: Yes! Come play on The Harbinger, the most broken server in the game. Also they can hang out with me.. Bahaha ha        ha           ha.

Scheduling: Well as long as they don’t stream too early in the day US time, otherwise APAC player’s might have an issue. The current time they stream is pretty good for most APAC players.

A Real Q&A: Yes! Yes! Yes! x1000! This is what the community wants most of all. A chance to have a proper Q&A session. Having developers present would be a great bonus as well. Maybe they could even get some prominent Bloggers/Podcasters on to ask the questions.

scoundrel ship

Idea’s for things they should do with the Community Stream:

  • Get people from Progression Raiding Guilds to show case Hard Mode and Nightmare raid content with Devs present to give any insights or funny tidbits into the design of particular engagements etc.
  • Get PvP streamers/players on to PvP and have Devs answer questions and bounce ideas off the community for new maps and other general improvements (lol). Just give PvP the attention and love it deserves.
  • Get members of the community on (Podcasters, Bloggers, Streamers etc.) and have a chat to them about the game and highlight their work. You can do this through Skype or something, they don’t have to come to the studio.
  • Showcase fan art, maybe some fan fiction and maybe even role play stuff (I don’t know much about Roleplay lol)? But my point is to showcase the creativity of the community.
  • Random tip: add some soft background music. Just game music will suffice.

Are they on the right track to improving their community engagement?

This is a good indication that they are taking steps to improve how they interact with the community, they’ve seemingly heard the communities complaints about their lack of interaction and are attempting to improve on that front. I believe they have good intentions in mind for improving the quality of their streams which were pretty unorganised and lackluster at times.

Taking these steps to structure and focus their streams better will help improve engagement with the community which could potentially increase viewership and hype for the game.

space battle

How likely is it they will live up to their commitment?

Well if we consider their track record well… I’ll believe it when I see it. But I am still hopeful all the same. If we encourage them that is a good move hopefully they’ll keep it at and find some new inventive ways to make their Streams interesting and engaging. Hopefully they’ll implement some of the communities suggestions as well.

Final Thought’s

We, the community, want them to increase their engagement with the player base and doing it in a ‘face to face’ manner is the best way to go about it. We get to see the people behind the game and if they do this right, it will be a great initiative and be a great benefit to the game.

What are some of your idea’s for stuff they can do on their Community Streams? Do you think changing the way they do their streams is a good move?

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  • Telenroid

    Fully agree with the commentary on a hard core guild run through HM or nightmare. Anyone that has seen the timed events at blizzcon know they can make this sort of thing nearly an esport if done correctly and drums up excitement for progression beyond the simpler story aspects of the game.

  • Joseph Brown

    I think if they can take your though’s in mind they can make it a lot better show. I looked in a few times and found it hard to get into the stream. To me it looked and sounded like a joke at times.

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