SWTOR Community Cantina Orlando News Roundup

Hey everyone,

This past Friday, there was a SWTOR Community Cantina held in Orlando, Florida just outside of Star Wars Celebration. Eric Musco, Charles Boyd (in cosplay as per usual) and Keith Kanneg (the new Game Producer!) were all in attendance. Notable community members were also present including Chill and Teo from OotiniCast.

There were some small tidbits of news revealed at the Cantina as outlined by Ajay on Twitter:

    • The next Raid Boss: Ivela and Esne (twin bosses).
    • New Flashpoint: Umbara which continues the story post-Iokath. Possibly coming out with Game Update 5.3.

Those who were lucky enough to go to the Cantina got the chance to have a go at the new Tyth Operation Boss (coming out in Game Update 5.2) and got some nice free swag!

Here are the Vehicle and Pet codes from the Cantina:

  • Vehicle Code: SWCANTINA17

To redeem the codes, go to https://account.swtor.com/user/codes.

There were also quite a few phenomenal SWTOR cosplayers at the Cantina. Here are some pictures of my favourites:

Did you go to the Cantina? How was it? Did you get to talk to one of the Developers?


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  • Joseph Brown

    Thanks. I like a few could not be there but had eyes on tweeter in hopes of some news from the Cantina! I hope they step in front of the cam soon to chat about whats next. Cause with last weeks delay had the angry few out in force. I would like to ask any two that where there if the CC code was the same number. Not to share but with how fast the bots on stream seam to grab the codes so fast if the swtor team every done a one for all CC code.

  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    Thank you for the information about the codes. For some reason they’re not sharing them on the forums this time around.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂