SWTOR Community Cantina at Star Wars Celebration Livestream Review

Hey everyone,

As you all know, there was a Community Cantina at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and for the first time ever, it was live-streamed on ESL! So everyone, regardless of where they’re situated in the galaxy, was able to participate in the Cantina, by chatting away in the unmoderated ESL Twitch chat (that was funny). So how did it go?

Anything Exciting Happen?

bioware meme
Via @darkedgegaming of Twitter

Uhh not really.. they rehashed the last Dev Stream they did, going on about Ziost and Game Update 3.2. They announced some new fluff we didn’t know about, but that’s about it.

They gave people at the Cantina these wristbands with the #FallenEmpire hashtag and the date 06.15.15 on them. So naturally we expected them to announce some brand spanking new content.. How disappointed we were.


There were very few positives unfortunately. We only learnt two things. First of all, they will be introducing x12 XP on May the 4th for subscribers only and we will be getting a new Stronghold on Yavin IV. You can see the images they shared in the Community Cantina Thumb drive Files of the Yavin stronghold here.

One minor positive from the Q&A session was that they did answer one question relating to melee classes and how ineffective they can be in most encounters in the new raid content. They said that they are, apparently, making their QA run through content in entirely melee groups… So lol.


The Q&A session was a disaster. The questions asked by the commentator guy were terrible and clearly handpicked to avoid any controversial topics. Barely any of the questions dealt with pressing issues in the game such as PvP, class balancing, population or ‘better then cross server’. The majority of questions dealt with ‘fluff’ content.

They didn’t announce any new, playable, sustainable game content. When I say sustainable game content, I mean new warzones or raids as that type of content will keep players occupied for some time. Their emphasis is clearly on story telling, don’t get me wrong, story content is nice, but, it is not sustainable MMO content. You need to bring out content that keeps the players engaged with the content for long periods of time. Otherwise you leave your veteran players starved of content as is happening now.

the image of mystery


So apart from not explaining the meaning of the wristbands, they also tweeted the image above out saying that there is something hidden in it. And it actually turned out that there was something hidden in the image, another image in a .zip file (space wizardry I tell you*). It also shows the #fallenempire hashtag in the bottom right corner. So the wristbands they gave out and this image are clearly connected. The mystery remains though, what does it all mean? I am working on a blog post where I speculate about what the image could mean.

space station tor com water mark

So in a very sneaky way, they have given us hints to upcoming content. Sure this tactic would be pretty sweet in an environment where there isn’t a content drought for some area’s of the game. But in the current state of the game, I don’t feel this was a good strategy, unless, they plan to continue give us hints/clues as a continuing thing over the next few weeks? But I think I’m being way too optimistic on that front.


So TLDR the Cantina Livestream was not very impressive. The Twitch chat was completely unmoderated and there was no official presence. The chat had no way of interacting with the devs or asking questions which was disappointing. Next time they do this, they should have a couple of people (Biodrones) interacting with chat.

And finally here’s my latest Bitch Mode Vlog if you want to hear more about what I have to say about the stream and SWTOR in general..

What did you think about the stream? Were you disappointed or were you not that surprised by how it went down?

*If you really want to know how it was done, check out this Reddit thread.

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