SWTOR – A Look Back at My 2016 Wishlist and My 2017 Wishlist

Another year has gone by in a galaxy far far away. My Guild which had been around since the APAC servers launched left the game, I took a break for a couple of months then I came back for 5.0. The Knights of the Eternal Throne Story was decent (and much better than Knights of the Fallen Empire) but the lack of new group focused content continues to affect the game. PvP may be fun again (because 208 gear bolsters really well so there’s no need to rush to get better gear) but the January Announcement and new group content couldn’t come any faster!

Before I show you all my 2017 wishlist let’s first look back at what was on my Wishlist for 2016 and what came to pass.

One of our last Guild Events before everyone quit.

SWTOR 2016 Wishlist

  • New group PvE content – All we got were Uprisings, which are kind of okay but not what most of the community wanted.

New content that makes being in guilds and social interaction in general, meaningful. Give us a brand spanking new operation or two! Expand on conquest and give us new ways of earning points (eg. dailies) and better rewards for doing it. Even random event bosses that drop goods that spawn in random places (similar to ESO) or just improve the loot of current would bosses? Just give us new, engaging group content already!

  • New Warzone Map – We got Odessen Proving Grounds. It received mixed reviews from the community with most thinking it was too complicated and that some of the mechanics were too RNG dependent. Hopefully, the next Warzone we get will be less complicated but not a straight out deathmatch style map cause we really don’t need to encourage number farmers any further than they already are.
  • Cross-server PvP FFS! Nope. They said that they might consider looking into server merges in January…

I know I’m wishing on thin air, but a girl can dream, right? Obviously, the reason we want cross-server queues is to increase and encourage competition (which is, you know what PvP is all about) and make it easier to play with and against people from all over the world. Oh, and while we’re at it, make ranked PvP actually meaningful.

  • Encouraging Open World PvP – Not really unless you count the new DvL bosses…
  • More Developer communication/interaction – Developer communication has been okay…. It has improved a bit especially over the last couple of months. They’ve been quick to respond to pressing community concerns in some instances.
  • New Guild features – We got nothing. No Guild Calendar, no mass mail sending system for GM’s, no chat system that allows you to see chat for all the different guilds you’re in regardless of faction (obviously have a limit).
  • A brand new event – We got the Dark Vs. Light ‘Event’… But that was basically recycled content we’d already done. So yeah not BRAND NEW…
  • New Class specific story –  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I know it was a long shot. But still, one can dream…

SWTOR 2017 Wishlist

For my wishlist this year, I’ve chosen features which are more realistically possible. Obviously, it would be nice to have a new game engine that will magically solve all of SWTOR’s issues. But realistically, that’s very unlikely to happen. I also really hope that the new gearing changes their planning to supplement Galactic Command does ease the burden of getting set gear for us. But anyway, here’s my list for 2017:

NEW Operations and other 8 Player + content with lots of extra mechanics that keep you on your toes in hard mode (like WildStar).


  • 8 man Uprising style Operations with 10 main bosses + bonus/mini & secret bosses that drop special titles /mounts/armor etc. (think Dreadful and Hateful Entity’s).
  • Another S&V length Operation with fewer adds but more mini/secret bosses.

NEW Warzone and other PvP focused 8 Player  + content


  • Warzone – Something simple like Capture the Flag. No need to add complicated mechanics and RNG (Like Odessen Proving Grounds). Simple is the key but no deathmatch style maps that’s what arenas are for.
  • Open World PvP –  Add more player kill achievements with awesome Legacy Titles to various planets old and new eg. Darvannis, Rishi or perhaps to a new daily area? (seriously Oricon was so much fun back in the day).
This area on Voss from KOTET Chapter 1 (including building interiors) would make a nice Capture the Flag map.

NEW Companion Mail and/or Conversations

With both class companions and newer companions (like Theron & Lana). Just some way of hearing from them after the events of KOTET would be nice. Even if the mail isn’t from a particular companion, it could be from one of Lana’s Agent’s about said companion and what they’ve found out about what they’ve been up to. 

NEW Character Customisation Options and/or graphical update to customisation system

  • New hairstyles, hair colours (we NEED more Blonde colours desperately), eye colours, cybernetics, complexions, tattoo’s, jewellery etc.
    • Ideally being able to combine some of these elements eg. Cybernetics and Tattoos.
    • Make all eye colours across all species available for all species. 
    • Pale Blue, Purple, Green, Pink hair colours.
  • Graphical update so our character’s can look as nice as Senya, Arcann, Valkorion, Lana etc. do in KOTET.
  • New Species – Nautalon.
We could really use Lana’s blonde hair colour and hair style. Two toned hair colours would be super amazing too.

Weapons added to the Outfit Designer

So weapons, especially lightsabers with different colour crystals can be matched to each of our character;s outfits. It’s so frustrating having to pick one colour crystal for multiple characters (especially lightsaber users) for my legacy weapons then tailoring the outfits across multiple characters so everything colour matches. Ugh! 

NEW Stronghold 

Not only would I like to see a new Stronghold on one of the planets listed below but I’d also like to be able to move decorations around more freely in our Strongholds.


  • Rishi private island – With waterfalls, streams, beaches and Grophets and Orobirds wondering around.
  • Manaan – With rooms above water and underwater with creatures swimming past windows.
  • Alderaan – Tribute to Carrie Fisher. Somewhere up in the mountains with a river, waterfall, forested area with some snow. Same architecture as House Organa/Thul.
Alderaan has very pretty architecture.

Conquest – NEW Planets and/or NEW Objectives for existing planets/scenarios

It would be nice to change up Conquest a bit by adding new objectives that incorporate newer content like Uprisings, Star Fortresses, repeatable Chapters etc. and add new objectives for existing content. Even a new planet or two would add to the stale system.

Galaxy Wide Faction Specific Chat

This would make it easier to get groups together for various content no matter where people are in the galaxy. Yes, trolls and gold spam might be an issue. Perhaps make it a subscriber only feature?

New Guild Features

Again, a Guild Calendar, a mass mailing system for GM’s, being able to see chat of various guild’s you’re in regardless of faction, a Guild achievement score system that unlocks bonus CXP and XP grants for content, or just bonus CXP grants for group content etc. Anything to make being a part of a guild more meaningful.


Seriously SWTOR Devs, you can so much better than the Dark vs. Light Event. That wasn’t even a real Event. Give us a Zakuulan holiday to celebrate or something? Just make sure there’s a PvP element to it, a Reputation system with awesome Titles and things to buy from a special vendor as we rank up. I can’t be the only one who is sick to death of the Gree, Rakghoul and Bounty Contract Events.

Make it so your Inventory stays open if you close your Legacy Bank or Cargo Hold

Please. Pretty please? This is quality of life change that would mean the world.

What’s on your wishlist for SWTOR fro 2017? Comment below or on Twitter!


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