SWTOR – A Look Back at 2015 and My 2016 Wishlist

Hey everyone,

A year ago, I wrote a wishlist of what I hoped we’d get in SWTOR in 2015. Recently, I had a look over my list to see if any of my wishes came true and well.. I didn’t get a single thing I wanted in SWTOR in 2015.

Here’s a Summary of my 2015 Wishlist:

SWTOR 2015 Wishlist

  • Sever Stability and Performance Improvements – they say they’ve made improvements but my beloved Harbinger server is still having issues, so…
  • The ‘so-called’ Server Population and PvE/PvP Queue Solution Bioware is working on to succeed (Better then cross-server) – apparently this is still a thing that will be coming (maybe) eventually? I won’t believe it till I see it and I doubt it’ll be any good anyway…
  • New Warzone Map – they’ve recently confirmed that we will be getting a new Warzone map sometime in 2016. Details apparently will be announced in February.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tie In – there hasn’t even been anything on the Cartel Market..
  • A brand new event – all we’ve had is the same old events over and over again. YAWN.
  • More class Stories – well, we got more story that was exactly the same for all classes (RotE and KOTFE) because that’s exactly what everyone wanted, right?
  • Companion Conversations – well.. Each class got mail from their respective love interest while doing KOTFE.. And, we got some missions to recruit vanilla companions.. So I guess that’s sort of what we wanted? Ha ha.
  • Speeder Piloting Speed Increase – ahahahahahahahahaha. No.
  • Do something with Manaan – still as wasteful a space as ever, unfortunately.
  • Priority Transport to Rishi – wait, why did I want this again? Oh right, Ravagers…
  • In-game Guild Calendar – if only…

As you can see, nothing on my list made it into SWTOR in 2015. But, we have been promised a couple of those things in 2016…


So without further ado, here is my 2016 Wishlist for SWTOR:

SWTOR 2016 Wishlist

New group PvE content

New content that makes being in guilds and social interaction in general, meaningful. Give us a brand spanking new operation or two! Expand on conquest and give us new ways of earning points (eg. dailies) and better rewards for doing it. Even random event bosses that drop goods that spawn in random places (similar to ESO) or just improve the loot of current would bosses? Just give us new, engaging group content already!

New Warzone Map

A new map was recently confirmed by SWTOR, during their December Producer Livestream, to be in the works and was datamined a few months back. We will apparently be hearing more about it in February.

Cross-server PvP FFS!

I know I’m wishing on thin air, but a girl can dream right? Obviously then reason we want cross-server queues is to increase and encourage competition (which is, you know what PvP is all about) and make it easier to play with and against people from all over the world. Oh and while we’re at it, make ranked PvP actually meaningful.

Encouraging Open World PvP

This is something I’ve recently thought about. My simple idea is for the chests in Outlaws Den to not just increase the amount of warzone commendations that drop (maybe randomise the amount from 10-100) but also to have them drop rare items like pets, weapons, colour crystals, armor, mounts etc.

Maybe they could drop level-synced gear (for under 65’s) or expertise gear if you’re 65. Or simply just add the items from the PvP Items Vendor into the loot table for the chests?

Adding an ‘Outlaws Den’ like PvP area on another planet with dailies in it would be fun too. Basically anything to give us some fresh content with a PvP flavor would be great!

Or a new, fresh event that has a PvP component (like Gree) would be great. But more on that below…

More Developer communication/interaction 

Compared to other MMO’s, the SWTOR Devs interact very minimally with the player community. It would be great to see them up their game.

New Guild features

An in-game guild calendar because yes, it’s still hard at times to get guild members to check the guild website or Facebook page. Also, seeing the chat of all guilds you’re in regardless of faction (like in ESO) would be great. This feature would be particularly handy for cross-faction guilds too. An easy way to send mail to all guild members would be great too!

A brand new event 

Again some new content to freshen things up, give us some new titles and fluff (speeders, cool outfits, colour crystals, pets etc.) to collect! Surely they could tie it in to Zakuul lore? Have a PvP component?

New Class specific story 

Even if it’s just a single quest that tied our class stories into KOTFE story-line, like we had in SoR.


As you can see, my list overall focuses on getting new repeatable, engaging group content, you know, content traditionally found in MMO’s. I also suggest some simple measures that might encourage more Open World PvP too. We can only hope that we get more engaging content to keep us occupied between story chapters in 2016.

I know a lot of what I’ve listed, realistically, we won’t see in 2016, let alone ever, in SWTOR. But one can dream…

What are your wishes for SWTOR in 2016? Are you hoping for more group content or are you holding out for more story chapters? What guild features would you like to see added to SWTOR?


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  • Josh Boyd

    I think the reason that dev and community interaction is low is cause of how toxic the forums were awhile back and the incident that one of the devs was receiving death threats on him and his family or something like that.
    I agree it’s a real shame so they need to work something out.

    • Perhaps, but even before the incident with the Dev harassment, they were quite stingy with communication. Hopefully we will see more in the future.

  • But we did get the Priority Transport to Rishi! 😛

    • But not on the terminal. I’m too stingy to spend the credits haha! 😛

  • Mazor

    love the list. especially the pvp stuff in outlaw’s den. sounds like easy to implement content!! I can’t for the life of me understand why we don’t at the very least have cross server pvp ques?? plz bioware at least tell us why!