SW:TOR 2015 Wishlist

Hey everyone!

It’s almost a new year and hopefully a good year for SW:TOR. So here’s my Wishlist of things I’d like to see in SW:TOR in 2015!

Sever Stability and Performance Improvements

Well of course I’m going to want that.. I reside on the Harbinger the server notorious for lag fests and crash parties. But post 3.0 performance has been pretty bad with ability delay and such in all areas of the game.. and that World Boss on Yavin.. Holy shit! It has been a very long time since I’ve experienced so much lag and low fps. But anyway maybe we just need a better game engine? That’ll solve all out problems.. Am I right? (well duh).

The ‘so-called’ Server Population and PvE/PvP Queue Solution Bioware is working on to succeed

I’ve seen lots of speculation as to what they’re going to do based on the goals Musco outlined here. Whether it will be a mega server or two or the cross-realm thing WoW does hopefully it will be a positive for the game. What would I like to see happen? I want their solution to revitalise PvP queues bringing in more competition so that their ranking system might actually work a little better (maybe? lol). A greater population of players in queue should hypothetically make it work better by matching you up with players closer to your rank and skill? But yeah guess we’ll have to wait and see..

Keyword here is COMPETITION this is best achieved when there are a variety of players to play with/against.
Keyword here is COMPETITION this is best achieved when there are lots of and a variety of players to play with/against.

Ultimately if things work out and by some miracle we have lots and lots of PvPer’s in the game again I’d like to see this lead to them bringing 8v8 Ranked back. I’m not going to hold my breath though.. I can dream though right?

New Warzone Map

I think it was around mid 2014 Alex Modney was asking for suggestions for a new type of Warzone Map but we haven’t heard anything recently on how far into development it is… I’m guessing it got put on hold temporarily for SoR. So hopefully sometime in 2015 we will see a brand new Warzone map with new mechanics, game-play, the whole sh-bang!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tie In 

Some kind of tie in to Star Wars: The Force Awakens (not necessarily story/lore wise) but something or someway to capitalise on the hype of the movies’ release at the end of 2015.

Wonder how long we'll have to wait for this to show up on the Cartel Market?
Wonder how long we’ll have to wait for this to show up on the Cartel Market?

A brand new event

Something completely different, brand spanking new. Not rehashed content. I want to see something different from all the other events we’ve had.

More class Stories

I’ve highly enjoyed all the Rishi class stories I have done so far. I would love to see them continue our stories on in the same way they did on Rishi or go even further and make them more like the traditional class stories if they have the resources.

Companion Conversations

The one thing that disappointed me about SoR was the lack of companion reaction to the story. I know that some (unfortunately not all) companions do say stuff when you get to random locations (which I appreciated), but we didn’t get to see their reaction to what was happening in the story. So ideally I’d like to see some more companion interaction of some sort. A good start could possibly be getting mail from whoever you romanced or whoever was your main companion you did missions for.

See that hunk of a Sith behind me? AKA Le former Emperor's Wrath. He says absolutely nothing. Nothing. Zero Zilch. WHAT GIVES?
See that hunk of a Sith behind me? AKA Le former Emperor’s Wrath. He says absolutely nothing during SoR. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. WHAT GIVES??!!?!

Speeder Piloting Speed Increase

This one is a popular request among my guildies. Ideally to 150% they reckon but I wouldn’t mind any increase personally even if it’s just to 130%.

Do something with Manaan

I mean why go to all that trouble to make it into a planet just to be a flashpoint entrance and a meet and greet spot? Turn it into a daily area and/or put an operation there. I’m not that fussy. Just don’t waste all that potential space.

Priority Transport to Rishi

Yeah I’m kind of getting sick of having to fly there.. I mean all the other Level 50 plus planets are on the Priority Transport Terminal. Why not Rishi? It’d also be good if we had a weekly to accompany the dailies on Rishi maybe give us some extra Elite Comms? In the mean time hopefully they’ll make it so we can fly our Guildship’s to Rishi soon™.

I want to retire here. *Hint hint* stronghold *hint hint*.
I want to retire here. *Hint hint* Stronghold *hint hint*.

In-game Guild Calendar

It can be annoying at times trying to get guildies to sign up for the guild website let alone getting them to check to the website regularly so they know of upcoming events. Some people seem very untrustworthy of it for some reason? If there is an in-game calendar for guilds of some kind then guildies would have no excuse to not know about upcoming events. I’d also like to see improved guild UI functionality and features like sending mass mail etc.

So what would you like to see in SW:TOR in 2015? Tweet me or comment here and thank you as always for reading!

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