**SPOILERS** KOTET Story Sneak Peek Speculation and Thoughts

Hey everyone,

At the end of the Story Revisited Dev Stream (where Charles and Eric talked about the new difficulty tiers for playing through story content), they showed a snippet from an upcoming Chapter of Knights of the Eternal Throne (the teaser starts at 44:34).

If you do not wish to see any story spoilers for KOTET then don’t look any further. Honestly though, they are minor spoilers. The scene shown just reinforces what we were told during KOTFE anyway.




The Teaser

The scene teased, features Valkorion talking to you about the cost of victory and what you must do as ‘The Outlander’. Valkorion has the Outlander trapped in one of his time pausing ‘windows’ in what appears to be a war zone. All of Valkorion’s dialogue is listed below.


You think you are unassailable but consider the cost of your victory.
Thousands killed, a planet, devastated.
There is only one way to end this chaos and bring order to the galaxy.
You must seize the Eternal Throne.

The Outlander/Jedi Knight chooses the “I don’t want the throne” option.

Valkorion’s response (note this dialogue refers to the Jedi Knight story specifically and will vary depending on class):

You are no ordinary leader. You fell before my influence but it couldn’t contain you.
You hunted me countless times and always you survived
You are the Alliance Commander, champion of fear and conqueror of my every challenge.
No one is more worthy of taking the Throne, not even my children.

The Outlander/Jedi Knight chooses the “Not even you?” option.

Valkorion’s response:

My time has passed.
Only you can take the Eternal Throne.
It is your destiny.

The imagery goes through three key phases. Firstly, there are remnants of a battle, dead bodies lying on the ground, burnt trees and damaged buildings. Based on the architecture and the flag in the background, it appears to be on Voss.

Valkorion then takes us to the Eternal Throne Room where Vaylin is slouching on the Throne with SCORPIO standing beside her.

Then finally, we are taken back to Voss. The Outlander is in a courtyard with Lana. The camera pans up and we see multiple Imperial ships in the sky above. I’m not sure if that last scene is actually part of the actual chapter sequence or a scene from another part of the story they added to the Teaser for ‘dramatic effect’. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

So what is going on in this Teaser?

There is clearly a battle on Voss. The appearance of the Outlander and Lana and Valkorion’s dialogue pretty much confirms that the Alliance is involved in a significant conflict. Notably, that they are winning but, at a heavy cost it seems. The appearance of Vaylin and SCORPIO implies that Vaylin has invaded Voss and is managing the invasion from the Eternal Throne rather then being their in person. So the Alliance is likely there to help the Voss and to possibly find out why Vaylin is invading Voss? There is nothing to hint or indicate what could possibly be of interest to Vaylin or the Alliance on Voss so again, we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves. Then there is the appearance at the end of the Imperial ships. I guess this means that the Sith Empire and Empress Acina are finally going to join the battle against the Zakuul Empire? That should prove to be an interesting dynamic for the story going forward. Either way, there seems to be a lot to look forward to.

Then there is Valkorion’s dialogue. He is once again insistent that we take the Eternal Throne. That we, the Outlander, alone are worthy of it. He regales the Outlander for the loss of life then goes on to tell the Outlander how great they are? Then he says his time has passed to rule the galaxy? As if anyone believes that. He’s up to something and like Lana fears, it probably won’t end well for the Outlander. Either way, it is clear that Valkorion wants the Outlander to succeed in dealing with Vaylin and to take the Eternal Throne. After all, it is our destiny *cue ominous, dramatic music*.



Valkorion and Vitiate’s Contradictory Ideologies

One thing I find curious is that Valkorion seems to want the conflicts and fighting to stop. He keeps insisting that the Outlander taking the Eternal Throne will stop all the chaos and make everything right with the galaxy? This is yet another example of Valkorion’s ideology being contradictory with Vitiate’s. Vitiate, in the beginning and throughout his life, gained his power through suffering and death and attempted to gain even more power through the deaths of every living being in the galaxy in the Jedi Knight story. These contradictions continue to make me incredibly suspicious of what Valkorion’s plans and goals are. It is quite confusing having these two personas be the one person. Hopefully we will get our answers in the KOTET story. The KOTFE story was disappointingly lacking in this regard. Perhaps I will once again write some more on Vitiate and Valkorion.



Non-force user Classes and KOTET

The Teaser also once again highlights a concern and frustration I’ve had with the ‘one story for all classes’ model from the beginning. It continues to make ZERO SENSE for non-force users and I would even argue that is barely makes sense for Jedi Consular’s or Sith Inquisitor’s, only vaguely. The story is still a continuation of the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior class stories and only truly makes sense for them. It makes immersion in the story difficult as it doesn’t make any sense for any of the non-force user classes to be in a situation where they could rule the galaxy. Even if some of them might possess the ambition to rule the galaxy, it wouldn’t make any sense for them to do so. Why have a non-force user rule the galaxy when there are force users (the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior) far more capable (and potentially eager) of ruling the galaxy. The only reason I went through most of KOTFE (note I still haven’t played all 16 Chapters on non-force users) on my non-force users was because I wanted to get companions their back and see their stories continued. I honestly found KOTFE cringe worthy for my non-force users.

What did you think of the Teaser? Are you looking forward to playing the KOTET story?


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  • SavingPrincess

    The whole “non-force users” thing is a huge issue. I have to do some huge mental-gymnastics to make it make sense for most of my characters. I know they tried to funnel it all together with Forged Alliances and SoR, but it still feels so “why am I here?” with most non-force classes.

    It really broke my heart with my Agent, as the Agent story line to me was the strongest of all of them. To only have it pushed aside for Knight/Warrior-focused plot really hurt the overall experience for me.

    My instinct tells me this is the only way BW was going to be able to make “KotoR III” and they did what they could with the situation they were given… but this whole half-handed shoehorned approach is just not doing well for anyone.

  • wangxiuming

    I suspect Valkorion only wants us to take the throne so that he can take over our body and resume his rule.

    • Agreed! He’s certainly going to use us somehow.