Some Ideas for Revitalising Open World PvP in SWTOR

Hey everyone!

With yet another Gree Event currently in full swing, I thought it would be great opportunity to discuss some ideas for improving Open World PvP. Taking part in various large scale Open World PvP engagements has admittedly been the most fun I have ever had playing SWTOR!

The most important thing is performance improvements to make Open World PvP run smoother but the odds of that happening are pretty slim.. So here are some idea’s/comments I have for encouraging Open World PvP.


I’ve lost count of how many Open World PvP events I’ve been involved in. All because people wanted the achievements and Legacy titles. Adding in more achievements with legacy titles and decorations would definitely add some incentive to do Open World PvP. We need more Oricon’s, Gree Event’s and Yavin IV’s!

got the title D
Yavin PvP Legacy Title: Kill 100 Players, 30 Republic & 30 Imperial Base Guards.

Gree Event

I know many people who love the Gree event simply for the Open World PvP aspect of it. Many of my guild mates participate even though they have 100% achievements and legend status with the Gree. It would be great if we could have more similar events like it. Maybe they could have an event to Outlaws Den with dailies and some achievements with Legacy titles and and decoration rewards! Or they could even move it around to different planets every couple of months!

This may or may not be me during Gree…

The Original Yavin Coalition Staging Area

Having a shared mission hub for both factions, which was not considered a sanctuary, was brilliant while it lasted. It was the perfect place where players from both sides were coming across each other and it easily encouraged PvP engagements.

You would still have to have a space around the Medical Droid that was considered a sanctuary to avoid full on ganking and give people a means of escape safely without the risk of getting back into combat. But otherwise you could even add in a couple of guards and or turrets that spawn occasionally or are always there as well..


As for the location of a PvP area like this, well hypothetically you could have it on any planet. To offer more incentive to visit it you’d have to have dailies with NPC’s and such but make the whole area a PvP area. So it could operate a little like the Gree Event does I guess (just the PvP part obviously). Make the rewards for the dailies warzone commendations.

coalition staging area
RIP Coalition Staging Area PvP

You could also add the PvP Mission Terminal as well. Give PvPer’s a new place to hang out (maybe even chuck in gear vendors as well). That way people can even duel while waiting for warzone pops.

For an area like this to work, it would be best if it was more of a recurring event and not a permanent thing. Unless they were able to change things up regularly, I reckon people would lose interest. Hence the idea of moving it around to different planets.

As for what level you’d need to be, have bolster for level 50 plus like the Gree Event does. That way it gives people an alternate means of leveling as well. More choice is always a good thing!

Outlaws Den

How do you get people into Outlaws Den? Increase the amount of warzone commendations you get from the chests. I don’t think you should increase the frequency which they respawn, but increasing the commendations would help. Like I said above, you could have a recurring event with dailies that reward warzone commendations, reputation and other fluff rewards.

It just seems so lifeless...
It’s so lifeless…


We want to see more attention and love for PvP. Open World PvP is incredibly fun when done right and offering some rewards or incentives like dailies, achievements, decor, warzone commendations etc. is a great way to get it happening. It gives PvPer’s more content (which means they’re playing more), an alternate means to get warzone commendations and something to do between queue pops.

What are some of your thoughts on revitalising Open World PvP? Do you enjoy Open World PvP?

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  • Would love if something more would be done with open world PvP. I think events would be a good start. The Outlaw’s Den is in need of a quick travel terminal – it just feels so far away.

    • There’s a legacy perk to quick travel to Outlaw’s Den so that should be enough if there is enough of an incentive. I can’t even remember how many comms you get, but I’ve got a feeling it’s sub 50 comms?

      Make it a few hundred, and / or make it ranked comms, make it so there’s a (very) low chance of rare decorations, armour and mounts (all BoP or BoL) – then there’s a reason for everyone to go there, but it’s nothing game breaking.

  • While people complained about old Ilum with faction balance issues, performance issues, poor mechanic (both the original and crate versions) – something was better than nothing.

    I enjoyed having a place to hang around and PvP between warzones, and I met quite a few friends there.

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