Sneak Peak of KOTET Expansion Trailer on The Star Wars Show

Hey everyone!

The Star Wars Show featured a sneak peak of the new Blur Cinematic Trailer for the upcoming Star Wars The Old Republic Expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne.

The sneak peak features Senya Tirell (mother of Arcann and Vaylin) about to face off against some mysterious foes.

The teaser starts at 2:13 and finishes at 2:31.

Here are some screen grabs of the teaser! (If you want to see an image full sized, click on it to open in a new tab).

The kid standing behind Senya, is it the same one from the last Fridays Teaser?
Senya ignites her lightsaber.
6 foes should be a cake walk for Senya. Right?
Close up of on of the unknown armored foes.
Notice the ship hovering around in the background. It looks Zakuulan?..
Senya close up.
The fight begins.
The fight continues..?

So what is going on?

It would seem that someone after the kid SWTOR showed us in another sneak peak last Friday. Who is this kid? Does this take place before or after the events of KOTFE? Senya does look younger so perhaps this happens before KOTFE. Is it Arcann, Vaylin or Thexan? Or an unknown child? Who are the people poised to attack Senya and the kid? The ship flying in the background illuminating the bridge looks like a Zakuulan ship. But, the assailants don’t look like anyone we’ve seen from Zakuul before.

However, it was pointed out on Reddit that they are wearing what appears to be the unreleased Nathema Zealots Robes (see preview on Dulfy at top of post). This certainly complicates things. There’s really no further information we have to possibly dissect who they are. Is Valkorion/Vitiate involved somehow?

The trailer is looking like it’s going to be really interesting! I’ve previously written about the sneak peak posted by SWTOR last Friday. I feel like there is way more going on here then we will understand anytime soon and I have no doubt that Valkorion/Vitiate is involved somehow. We’ll just have to wait and see won’t we.

What do you think is happening? Are you excited to see the Trailer on Friday?


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