Should SWTOR Bring Back 8 v 8 Ranked?

Recently I wrote in My Ultimate PvP Wishlist how I wanted to see 8 v 8 Ranked PvP return to Star Wars The Old Republic. I have since thought of some additional things I wish to say. Specifically, I wanted to elaborate further on how they could make it a reality.

Yes, I know that realistically it is unlikely the SWTOR Devs will bring 8 v 8 back especially after all these years. But like I said in my Wishlist post, I can’t help but wish for it. That’s what wishlists are for right?

I also inferred that if they were brought it back, they would pop (at least on the Harbinger and Red Eclipse). I should have elaborated that the PvP communities on those servers (and no doubt quite a few guilds) would make them pop. Besides, Team Ranked Arena’s don’t even pop without community organisation. So I honestly don’t see why it would hurt to bring back 8 v 8 Group Ranked. I have no doubt that the community would organise groups and queue for 8 v 8 Group Ranked just like we did in the old days (perhaps with some new incentives).

Speaking of which, if 8 v 8 Ranked did come back, I feel it could use some new additions to further motivate participation.

Ranking System

Obviously, if 8 v 8 were to come back, there would be a ranking system like we have for Ranked Arenas. Yes, there was a ranking system of sorts when it was around but it was never visible to the player base (beyond what the players’ own rank was) and there were no tiers or rewards (except for when we got the ‘preseason’ titles). Perhaps if a ranking system had been introduced while 8 v 8 was still in the game, it would have motivated increased participation. There is also the potential here to experiment with a different kind of ranking system.

Add a Solo Queue Option

I mentioned this in my Wishlist but wanted to talk further about how it could work. Besides having a Valor requirement (honestly, I feel the Valor requirement should be higher than 25), it would provide increased CXP and Unassembled Component gains as well as tokens to get rewards. Ultimately, the aim would be to make it the primary queue for Warzones. Obviously, groups wouldn’t be able to queue. It would definitely be solo only.

Different Rewards from Ranked Arenas

8 v 8 Ranked should have different rewards than Ranked Arens. This would ensure that players continued to participate in both modes of Ranked. Whether the Developers would have the time and resources to do this is another matter entirely. I’m more inclined to think that it would be unlikely that they would do this. But at the very least, the Titles could be different even if the other Rewards are the same. The Tiers, however, should probably be different for 8 v 8 then for Arenas.

Shorter Seasons

The Developers have said they want to do this for Ranked Arenas (whether they will or not remains to be seen) along with letting us know what the Rewards for each season will be early on. This change would undoubtedly help to increase participation especially if the rewards are worthwhile.

Potential Issues

The main issue I could see with bringing back 8 v 8 Ranked is that it would increase queue times for all modes of PvP as it would divide the population into different queues. Although if the return of 8 v 8 was done right and perhaps employed some of my suggestions it would bring people back to the game. (Yes, I’m being hopeful).

Another thing not to be over looked is Class Balance and how it would affect 8 v 8 Ranked. I feel solo 8 v 8 would have more leeway in which classes are ‘viable’ compared to arenas. Group queue, however, could prove quite problematic with teams stacking overpowered, high utility classes and more tanks and healers than necessary. This would make almost all of the maps pretty aids.

Is there any hope?

If they did bring back 8 v 8 Ranked, would it bring back all the PvPers who left because of its removal? Probably not all of them but perhaps it would intrigue some of them at least. Regardless, I feel that bringing back 8 v 8 Ranked could help to revitalise PvP! Will the Developers ever bring it back though? Probably not. Either way, I feel it is worth having this conversation even if it’s to be nostalgic for better times.

Would you like to see 8 v 8 Ranked come back to SWTOR? Do you think I’m being too optimistic and unrealistic? What kind of ranking system would you like to see?


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