Season 8 Ranked Rewards

The Season 8 Rewards for Ranked Arenas have finally been announced! So without further ado, let’s have a look at them!

Tiers and Rewards

 Bronze Tier (Rating 1250-1499)Silver Tier (Rating 1500-1749)Gold Tier (Rating 1750+)Top 96
Battle FlagBronze Season 8Silver Season 8Gold Season 8Every Tier Exclusive
Frame DecorationBronze Season 8Silver Season 8Gold Season 8Every Tier Exclusive
Season 8 Tokens15,000 Tokens85,000 Tokens250,000 Tokens350,000 Tokens
Character Portrait FlairBronze Season 8Silver Season 8Gold Season 8Top 96 Season 8
Title"Hot [Character Name]""Sizzling [Character Name]""[Character Name] the Fiery"“[Player Name], on Fire”
Extras-Bronze Season 8 TitleSilver and Bronze Season 8 TitlesEvery Tier Exclusive

Battle Flags and Character Portrait Flairs by Tier (click on an image to enlarge)

Items you’ll be able to purchase from the vendor with your Season 8 Tokens:

  • Flaming Makrin Mount – 150,000 Tokens
  • (Legacy) PvP Weapon Set – 100,000 Tokens
    • Blaster Pistol (main and offhand)
    • Blaster Rifle
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Lightsaber (main and offhand)
    • Double-bladed Lightsaber
    • Assault Cannon
  • Season 8 Color Crystal Lockbox – 5,000 Tokens
  • Previous Season Ranked Black-Silver Striated Color Crystal Lockbox – 5000 Tokens each
  • Stronghold Trophy Decorations – 2,500 Tokens each
    • Damage
    • Damage (interior)
    • Frogdog
    • Frogdog (interior)
    • Gree
    • Gree (interior)
    • Health
    • Health (interior)
    • Rotworm
    • Rotworm (interior)
    • Speed
    • Speed (interior)
    • Empire [faction specific]
    • Empire (interior) [faction specific]
    • Republic [faction specific]
    • Republic (interior) [faction specific]
  • Arena Themed Titles – 2,000 Tokens each
    • Cove Cutthroat
    • Mesa Mauler
    • Orbital Station Obliterator
    • Canyon Crusher
    • Slayer of the Square

PvP Weapon Images (Click on an image to enlarge)

Flaming Makrin Mount

The Season ends on the 22nd of August so get in the Ranked Queue and go berserk!

What do you think of the Ranked Rewards? Will you be doing some extra games to get more Tokens or reach a higher Tier?


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