Review – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

I decided that my first Film and TV Post will be a review of Guardians of the Galaxy! Mostly spoiler free, only minor plot spoilers. 

Guardians of the Galaxy (Volume 1) is one of my all-time favourite films. It is the perfect dose of true out-of-this-world Sci-Fi. Visually spectacular, fantastic action sequences, amazing technologies and a great story and characters with a lot of heart and humour.

So naturally, I was very curious to see how Volume 2 would compare. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. I loved it! Volume 2 is a great sequel to the first and lived up to the hype. It was heartwarming, visually stunning and action packed with a healthy dose of that trademark Marvel humour. James Gunn did a fantastic job!

While Volume 1 was more focused on the overall plot with the Infinity Stones being a big deal, Volume 2 was much more focused on the character development of the Guardians which was great too see. We not only learnt more about each of the Guardians but we also got to see them grow. We didn’t just see Peter Quill meeting his father, Ego (played by Kurt Russel) finally but we also had reconciliation between sisters Gamora and Nebula and some heartwarming moments with Rocket, Drax and of course, Groot!

We also got to see more of Yondu. He really was fantastic! I really like where they went with his character and that he got to play a bigger role in the story. The new character Mantis was somewhat intriguing. Pom Klementieff’s acting was superb but admittedly it took me a while to warm to the character.

The humour was ruder and cruder than what we’ve come to expect from Marvel films. But I feel this was done deliberately to say ‘we’re not on Earth’ anymore. Deadpool’s success probably played into this too with the creators figuring they could get away with it. I was personally not too bothered by it and it hardly detracted from the movie anyway.

The new race/civilisation introduced, that the Guardians have a run in with, the Sovereigns, are honestly quite amusing. They’re a race of genetically modified people made to fit a specific template of perfection (yes they are all gold). They’re quite analogous to beauty standards, religion and even white people. I love how they were portrayed as extremely arrogant, petty and quite frankly boring and that is why they fail in their revenge against the Guardians.

While the plot is another ‘save the Galaxy’ plot with even greater stakes than in Volume 1, with the usual twists and turns and intense moments you expect from a Marvel movie, it is done fairly well. After all, who would the Guardians of the Galaxy be if they weren’t saving the galaxy? Just another ordinary gang of mercenaries for hire with hearts of gold.

If you like the Marvel movies and like Guardians of the Galaxy, you should definitely take the time to watch this. Is it as good as the first? I feel Volume 2 lacks the ‘wow factor’ the first one had but that’s because we already know that the Galaxy is a wonderful, bad ass place anyway. But otherwise, it’s a fun, solid film and a great addition to the MCU!

Don’t forget to stay until the very end of the Credits (yes, there really are multiple end credits scenes) and look out for some Easter Eggs in the Credits sequence too!

What did you think of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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