Review – Game Update 5.2 The War for Iokath

It has now been nearly 2 weeks since the release of Game Update 5.2. I have now had the time to experience the majority of the new content this update has to offer. So here are my thoughts.

Gods of the Machine Operation – Tyth

I have unfortunately not yet had the chance to attempt Tyth in HM on live servers (can’t talk about PTS) but I have done it once in SM on my Operative Healer.

I found the fight to be incredibly boring and far too easy of a tank and spank. My other healer and I told the DPS in our group (that were on voice comms) to stop DPSing the boss and target the adds just to make the fight longer and give us something to heal (yes, it was a half pug group). This fight is easily a 1 tank, 1 heal fight and 6 DPS tunnel the boss fight. I have heard from others, however, that 16 man SM is quite a bit harder and that you have to pay a little more attention to the mechanics.

Iokath Dailies

Most of the dailies seem to be pretty straight forward to do for the most part. But, there are a couple of dailies that I refuse to do. These particular dailies involve having to buy a tool (such as a Walker) that you then have to use to complete that daily. I refuse to spend ANY FORM OF CURRENCY to enable me to do/complete a daily. The point of doing dailies is TO EARN CURRENCY. You should NEVER EVER HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING to be able to complete a daily. I agree in particular with what Shintar said in her post ‘Iokath’s Daily Dilemma‘ about the cost verse reward of doing these dailies:

[The] vehicle actually costs more credits and shards (the area’s special currency) than you earn for completing the mission, which is just bizarre.

It is also frustrating as (like Shintar mentioned) the Iokath currency doesn’t drop enough and even after doing dailies a few times you still don’t have enough currency to buy a Walker. I can understand having the cost high for PvP purposes but for doing a daily? Any tool we need to complete a daily should be given to us for free. I have yet to see anyone using any of the ‘tools’ you can buy to do those dailies, personally.

The other thing I dislike is that you can’t complete the weekly in one day if you wanted to (like with other daily areas). You have to basically go back 3-4 times a week just to complete the weekly (especially if you don’t do the walker etc. dailies). This is pretty annoying, to be honest. I always prefer to have the freedom to choose how and when I complete a Weekly in a Daily area. It’s also weird considering how frequently reputation tokens drop (something else Shintar talked about in her post). You only need to go to Iokath 2 days a week at the most to max out your weekly reputation. The amount of reputation that drops versus the rewards you get (Iokath Power Shards) and how often you have to go to Iokath to get them just does not add up or make sense.

Open World PvP

Speaking of Iokath, Open World PvP was made out to be a big thing by the developers. I have not seen or known of any major skirmishes on Iokath so far. On day one of 5.2, I did come across a decent sized group of Republic aligned players invading the Imperial Base. But otherwise while doing dailies on my Marauder (I almost always do heroics/dailies in the PvP instance regardless of the risks) I’ve come across a couple of individuals aligned with the Republic who I engaged with. One of them /stucked before I could deliver the killing blow, unfortunately (which really pissed me off). The other person beat me (cause they were a Mercenary with a 50 influence Companion so I had no chance) but I tried anyway. I still continued to finish my dailies in the PvP instance despite my defeat.

Perhaps if I were more of a social person I’d have friends to do stuff within the Open World PvP instance but I no longer have that. But if anyone ever organises an Open World PvP Event on Iokath (reminiscent of the old massive skirmishes on Oricon) I will 100% be there flying the Imperial flag!

As it is, there is little incentive to be in the PvP instance for most of the player base (something I was concerned about pre 5.2: Open World PvP on Iokath – Questions and Concerns). Oricon succeeded (despite the lag) because there were (awesome) Legacy Titles you got when completing the PvP achievements. Iokath just has the kill achievements by themselves and over-priced gimmicks (the Walker etc.) to try entice people to PvP. Achievements alone aren’t enough incentive for players to take the time out to organise these lag-laden skirmishes. Give us new, awesome Legacy Titles to work towards!


I have already discussed my thoughts on the story in my ‘Comprehensive Iokath Story Discussion‘ post. But to summarise, I have conflicting feelings on how the story played out and certain character interactions. Regardless, I am cautiously optimistic for the future of the story given that it is gradually leading towards the return of the fight between the Republic and the Empire being the main focus (at last!).

Galactic Command Crate RNG

I really do have terrible, awful luck. While others have been able to get at least a few 248 pieces, I have only been able to get one, ONE PIECE out 50+ crates. Needless to say, I am not very impressed at all. I keep getting the same lower quality relics, implants & earpieces drop over and over again. I’ve also now had the same 3 246 purple pieces drop twice now (one of them 3 times). I don’t know what they did to the RNG but it has been really bad and worse than pre 5.2 (for me anyway).

Galaxy Map

The new Galaxy Map is a fantastic quality of life feature. Being able to go to any planet in the galaxy from any location is pretty amazing. It looks pretty too! No more having to travel via Personal Starship to Rishi to do Ravagers because you’re too stingy to buy priority transport.

What did you think of Game Update 5.2? Do you think it was a solid update? What do you think the future holds for the game?


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  • If you have a reasonably well geared healer in your group, just go with the one for Tyth 8m SM and take an extra DPS. That’s how we do it every time and it’s certainly a lot more fun for the healer that way. SM is very easy, but some casual guilds do struggle with it on 16m I read on Twitter, so it’s probably well tuned for the type of players it’s intended for.

    • Oh yeah I agree its balanced well for pugs but for Guilds its a breeze.. We were both HM/NIM healers so yeah next time I get to heal it I’ll be insisting on solo healing it. 🙂