Quick Update: Me, Blogging and SWTOR

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all well. I want to apologise for not blogging as much. So why haven’t I been writing as much? I’ve been spending a lot more time then usual playing SWTOR recently among other things..

SWTOR and Me

Firstly, last week, it was Total Galactic War week for conquests so my guild actually did conquest for once as it’s the only chance a small, social guild like ours has a chance to conquer a planet. And we did! We got 1st place on Nar Shaddaa! So I’m super proud of all my guildies who contributed and made it possible! It was great to have some fluff content that brought my guildies together, however briefly, for some fun times.

I’ve also been doing a lot more PvP which has been fun.. Except for the fucking focus fire. So you should all leave me the fuck alone cause I fucking rage and get pissed off when you morons have nothing better to do then focus me you little shits.* Rage aside, I’ve been enjoying PvPing with guildies and friends.

So I got put into a Voidstar on my Juggy with only around 10 seconds remaining and didn’t even get my participation medal…

I also eventually did the Ziost story line the day before the May 4th reveal. As of now I’ve done it on my Mercenary, Commando, Marauder and Sentinel. You’ll hear more about that soon for sure. But TLDR I enjoyed the story.

I haven’t stopped Writing..

I have a couple of blog posts I’ve been slowly working on.. But after the kerfuffle with that other blog post from a couple of weeks ago, which was an epic fail and I screwed up big time, I’m avoiding rushing content. That’s ultimately why that post was so bad… But anyway, hopefully my posts will be slightly better quality in future? (Haha)

An actual item that dropped form a  Flashpoint.
An actual item that dropped from a Flashpoint.

Then there’s this…

Another reason why I haven’t been blogging as much is because I’ve been thinking about my stance on SWTOR and pondering other recent events.

Currently, I’m not very impressed with the length of content cycles and the lack of PvP content but I still enjoy the story and playing with friends/guildies. I know most people view me as some angry incoherent PvP bitch who’s overly negative and ‘annoying’. But I promise I still do like some things about SWTOR. It’s just that Bioware/EA could be doing a much better job then they currently are and it’s really frustrating.

Ultimately, SWTOR for me as about Star Wars. I’m a Star Wars fan first and foremost. Being able to play in and experience the Star Wars Universe has been a privilege. But, I’ve come to enjoy other aspects of SWTOR like PvP and I’m beyond frustrated by the lack of content and cross-server. So yeah.. I have more blog posts I’m writing that’ll go into this further.

Just remember guys it’s a love/hate relationship for me. So don’t get fucking confused when one minute I’m bitching about SWTOR and the next minute I’m enjoying it. Like I’ve said before you can enjoy something while still critising or hating parts of it. It’s not fucking rocket science.

I found this guy practising his swing on the Ziost Space Station
I found this guy practicing his swing on the Ziost Space Station…

So TLDR, I’m still playing SWTOR. I’m not that happy but I’m so far managing to find ways to have fun with the help of guildies/friends for the time being.

So what’s been happening in the world of SWTOR for you?

*Okay you know my PvP rage is sarcasm right? I feel I have to clarify that for all the ‘literalists’ out their.


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  • Actually still enjoying SWTOR a lot. I had some time playing more Guild Wars 2 and LOTRO, but I got back into SWTOR with the Ziost story (the world boss on HM was also something fun to get down!). I’m enjoying myself for the time being with the HM PvE content I haven’t cleared yet and, as you said, PvP with friends never gets old. 🙂