Questions for the SWTOR Community Cantina at SDCC

Hey everyone,

One of the main disadvantages about living in Australia, for a geek/gamer such as myself, is that I miss out on so many events, early releases and conventions like SDCC and SWTOR Community Cantina’s.

I’m immensely jealous and disappointed that I will not be able to attend the special Cantina SWTOR are doing at SDCC. Attending the story panel would’ve been a wonderful opportunity!

Instead, I guess I have no choice but to write a blog post of all the questions I would ask if I was at the Cantina.

Story Questions

Here are my story questions (they’re not all related to the Sacrifice Trailer):

Why is Lord Scourge mute in the Shadow of Revan story? Considering how involved he is in the Revan novel it was very disappointing that he had no special dialogue. He would’ve had a lot to say especially in regards to Revan and then Vitiate at the end. Are you guys going to make up for this in Knights of the Fallen Empire?

As a big fan of Lord Scourge I’m really hoping that they absolve this mistake somehow in Knights of the Fallen Empire and give him some dialogue!

What is the timeline between events? We know the class stories start 10 years after the signing of the treaty of Coruscant.

It’s really tricky to figure out the precise timeline of all the events in SWTOR from our class stories to the present time. It would be great if we could get a rough timetable outlined somewhere.

You guys did state that the purpose of the Shadow of Revan story was to tie up Revan’s story. Can you confirm that Revan story is concluded and that we’ll never see him again in SWTOR and that he has nothing to do with Knights of the Fallen Empire?

This is question is meant to confirm (and reaffirm) that Revan will not be involved in the Knights of the Fallen Empire story.

Was the ritual and events on Ziost of the same nature as what Vitiate did on Nathema or was it a different one? What was the purpose of his ritual on Ziost?

Basically I just want to confirm my suspicion that what transpired on both Nathema and Ziost was for different purposes and that the rituals were not the same which many have assumed. All you have to do is look at the duration of each event (Nathema = 12 days, Ziost 2-3 days(?)) to know it was different.

Will it be possible to romance previously unromancable companions? Will their be same gender romances with our current clan of companions?

I know the answer to this question will be a big deal for a lot of people. Many have wanted to be able to have same sex relationships with companions for years now.

Is there going to be more content on Manaan? It seems odd that you would go to all the trouble to build that space for one flashpoint entrance.

Like come on? Why go to all that trouble?

Who is the red, Darth Talon look-alike, Twi’lek from the ‘Sacrifice’ Trailer?

For the few seconds of screen time she got, she was such a bad ass. Hopefully there is more to her story!

Questions for the Devs

Is there going to be a Game Update 3.4?

Based on content cycle time it’s unlikely. But it’s worth asking the question just to clear the air.

What’s the status on bringing us a new Warzone?

Self explanatory really. I know they did say recently that they were in the ‘prototype’ stages of creating a new warzone. But, with their recent blog post on Operations & Flashpoints, I’m not very optimistic about getting any new PvP content ever again at this point.

Will there be any point to being in a guild or socialising in KOTFE?

Please don’t say ‘do conquests’ or do ‘ops content’. We already have access to this content and we know we won’t be getting any new operations. So what are bored guilds supposed to do when they’re finished running through the solo story?

What is the ETA on adding training dummy decor to the game for our strongholds and guildships?

It’s been how long since strongholds came out? Almost a year? It would be great if they finally added this in!


That sums up all the questions I can think of right now… Hopefully at least some of these will get asked by attendees. Either way, I’m hoping (a fools hope) we might be able to glean some new information about Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Do you think they’ll reveal any new information about KOTFE? What questions would you ask if you were there? Or are you going to the Cantina?


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