PvP Gearing Costs and Thoughts on the 5.1 PvP Gear Grind

On Friday, Eric Musco announced the specifics of the new gearing system coming out on the 24th of January as part of Game Update 5.1.

If you haven’t seen them yet or are confused by the new system, here are the gearing steps and costs below for PvP.

Gearing Through PvP in 5.1

Before we get started, here the Tiers and their corresponding Gear item ratings on the vendors:

  • Tier 1-  230
  • Tier 2 – 236
  • Tier 3 – 242

For PvP, there are two steps for getting gear.  First, you need to earn Unassembled Components which are used to buy the Unassembled Gear Piece* of your choice. Then, you turn in the Unassembled Gear Piece with Command Tokens to buy the corresponding gear for whichever class you choose. You get Unassembled Components from completing PvP matches of all types.

Here are how many Unassembled Components you get for winning and losing for all types of PvP:

Regular Warzone Win20 Unassembled Components
Regular Warzone Loss8 Unassembled Components
Regular Arena Win20 Unassembled Components
Regular Arena Loss5 Unassembled Components
Solo Ranked Win20 Unassembled Components
Solo Ranked Loss10 Unassembled Components
Group Ranked Win25 Unassembled Components
Group Ranked Loss10 Unassembled Components

Here are the Unassembled Component Costs for all Tiers. (Note: while Tier 1 is a direct purchase, for Tiers 2 & 3, you will need to turn in the previous Tier armour piece along with Unassembled Components):

 Tier 2 (236)Tier 3 (242)Tier 4 (248)
Hands375 563675

And finally, to buy the Unassembled Piece from another vendor, you will need to turn in the Unassembled Piece you bought with Unassembled Components as well as Command Tokens.

For reference here are how many Command Tokens you get per Command Rank (they drop in Command Crates):

Tier 15 Command Tokens
Tier 28 Command Tokens
Tier 312 Command Tokens
Tier 414 Command Tokens

Here is the Command Token Cost for each piece of gear:

 Tier 2 (236)Tier 3 (242)Tier 4 (248)
Hands 152429

*There is also going to be a Valor requirement for buying the Unassembled Pieces with Unassembled Components which they have not yet revealed.

Thoughts on the Return to the PvP Gear Grind Meta

Taking all the costs into consideration, it’s going to take an outrageous amount of matches (regardless of type) to fully gear yourself out even in Tier 1 items let alone the Tier 2 or Tier 3 items.

I feel like I should be more angry about this than I am but really, I’m not surprised in the slightest they were able to turn a token system into yet another grind and then make it complicated. The amount of Unassembled Components earned from winning and losing is far too small. I really feel like they should increase the amount of Components rewarded for winning and losing for all types of PvP.

Yes, it’s better to have this new complicated token system than just the Galactic Command lottery grind fest on its own. But I feel Bioware could have done a much better job of alleviating the grind. This new gearing token system is just another grind on top of the lottery grind. The players wanted some reprieve from grinding but instead, Bioware gave us another long harrowing grind. It will still take us a long time to gear our main characters let alone our alts. Yes, we’re working towards something we can see and will be able to obtain; gearing is no longer left to chance. But again, the could have done a much better job.

I think the Devs missed the memo where a lot of players said they wanted gearing to go back to the way it was. This new token system, for PvPers, does not revert back to the old way of gearing at all. It just complicates and makes gearing far more tedious and time-consuming than it used to be. It hasn’t been this bad since the 1.0 days.

It would certainly help if they were rewarding Unassembled Components retroactively (like they are for Command Tokens) for all the PvP we’d done since 5.0. It’s so frustrating knowing all the PvP I’ve done since 5.0 hasn’t really earned me anything. It feels like with 5.1 that I have to start all over again so to speak to get gear and that is just so frustrating.

Double (at the minimum) the Unassembled Components rewarded for all types of PvP whether you win or lose. Reduce the Unassembled Component cost of gear in all Tiers. Then gearing will be more like it used to be. Come to a compromise for the sake of your players.

Devs, come to a compromise for the sake of your players.

What do you think of the new PvP gearing grind meta? Do you think the rewards and costs are too much or just right?


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