PTS PvP Testing with the Devs and SWTOR’s Increased Communication

Hey everyone,

Musco announced a series of play testing sessions for everyone to come onto the PTS and test the new Warzone changes upcoming in Game Update 3.3! The session times are:

  • Thursday June 11 2pm-5pm PDT / Thursday 10pm – Friday June 12 1am BST / Friday June 12 7am-10am AEST
  • Friday June 12 2pm-5pm PDT / Friday 10pm – Saturday June 13 1am BST / Saturday June 13 7am-10am AEST
  • Saturday June 13 11am-2pm PDT / 7pm – 10pm BST / Sunday June 14 4am-7am AEST

Needless to say, I was really excited when I read about this! I did do a post on the PTS forums last week asking Musco and the Devs to do something like this. I linked the thread on Twitter and got a response on twitter about my forum post from Musco himself!

Yes, the Devs will be Queuing with us

The Devs and Community Team members will also be queuing with us incognito. So they will be participating but we won’t know who they are.

I’m happy with this. It’s nice to see they are willing to interact with us in this way and I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to play with and against the Devs. I wonder if we’ll get the chance to chat with them?

But wait, there’s more!

They will also be giving those who participate in testing Warzones, Cartel Coins. All you have to do is complete 10 Warzone matches and actively participate and not go AFK.

It’s fantastic that they are finally giving out rewards and incentive for participating on the PTS! It is something that has been requested for a long time and we’re finally seeing them do it. So great job Devs!

If you’d like to join in the fun on the PTS but have never been on it before, here are the instructions on how to download and/or access the PTS.

SWTOR’s Recent Increased Communication

I have to admit, I’ve really been liking the increased communication from the Community Team both on the forums, social media and in the recent interviews they’ve done. They do multiple posts a day on both Facebook and Twitter and occasionally Instagram (they need to work on that). Usually these posts involve asking the players a question or making a commentabout a particular aspect of the game ranging from story to favourite item, class, companion etc or announcing upcoming new features, changes or events.

The next step they need to take is to interact with the community on social media. For instance, other MMO’s like WildStar and ESO retweet and/or share fan site articles and fan art on social media and respond to questions or queries on occasion as well, especially around updates or announcements. It would be great to see SWTOR step up their social media interaction a notch and do the same thing.

Musco and the Devs setting up these PvP testing sessions on the PTS is another step in improving communication and interaction with the community. This is a great initiative and it will be good for the community to have the opportunity to play with and against Devs. Anything that brings the players and the Devs together is great for the game and increases the connection the players have, albeit only a little, with the Devs and in turn the game. So great job SWTOR team for setting this up!

Improving the PTS Experience

It would be great to see them do more PTS events with rewards for participation (like CC or Titles) for other types of content like operations and even story content.

Maybe they could even set up some kind of PvP Tournaments on the PTS with prizes and such? It would be great for the PvP community too seeing as SWTOR are unwilling to set up Cross-Server queues. All we have to do is copy our characters over. That way PvPers would have actual competition and be able to compete with everyone across the game regardless of what server they are on.

Ultimately, I hope they keep up with this increase in communication and ramp things up even more using the PTS as a tool to engage with the community.

So will you be participating in the PvP testing on the PTS? Do think the Devs have improved their communication with the community in recent weeks?


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  • I would’ve quite liked to give this a go, unfortunately 10pm-1am is not doable for me on a work night, and Saturday I’m attending a wedding. Such is life.

    • Aww 🙁 Hopefully they’ll do more testing sessions that you can make. 🙂