PSA Mat Farming in 5.0

Hey everyone,

With the introduction of 5.0 and new tiers of crafting comes mat farming.

Something I have noticed when mat farming in 5.0 is that if you only farm the new tier of mats (Grade 10) in an area, eventually only the old tier of mats (Grade 9) will spawn. So to ensure that you can get some of the Grade 10 mats farm the Grade 9 mats too. I’ve seen far too many people ignoring the Grade 9 mats and going for the Grade 10 mats, in turn, causing the shortage of Grade 10 mats when Grade 9 mats spawn in their place.

Obviously, go for the Grade 10 mats when you see them. But be sure to clean up the area of Grade 9 mats too so when mats respawn there’s a good chance of having Grade 10 mats to gather.

Based on what I’ve observed, I’m assuming that there’s a 50/50 chance for the new mats to spawn after gathered? I’m just guessing.

So TLDR when mat farming, gather ALL THE MATS regardless of their Grade so you get a steady supply of the new Grade 10 mats.

Just as a reminder, you can find Grade 10 (and Grade 9) mats on:

  • Darvannis (all types)
  • Zakuul – Endless Swamp (Archaeology and Bioanalysis)
  • Zakuul – Breaktown (Slicing and Scavenging)

Grade 10 Mat Nodes are called:

  • Slicing – Secured Cache
  • Scavenging – Plasteel Parts
  • Bioanalysis – Toxic Growth
  • Archaeology – Iridsecent (Colour) Crystal Formation, Iridsecent Bondar Crystal


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