Producer Livestream & BIG Subscriber Announcement (Tues 1st Dec) – Speculation & Thoughts

Hey everyone,

SWTOR recently announced that they will be making a BIG announcement this coming Tuesday (1 December) during the next Producer Livestream:


Keywords: ‘BIG Announcement’ and ‘Subscribers’

As much as I would love it if they were announcing some new content like a new Warzone (as was datamined a while back by Potato) or a new Operation, I believe it will more likely be about upcoming story content.

These tweets from Drew Karpyshyn, Charles Boyd and Hall Hood add to my suspicions that it’s story related:

They all seem pretty excited about it huh?

Announcement Speculation

The fact that the announcement is for subscribers (remember, the new story is now gated by a subscription) and it’s ‘big’ and the Bioware writers are excited for it, leads me to assume that it is to do with upcoming story content. They’ll probably release the names of Chapters 11-16 and show us a ‘sneak peak’ of the upcoming story. Maybe they’ll even show us a trailer?! Sounds exciting right?

Oh, and as a bonus, they might show off the 4 year anniversary awards.

Or (puts tinfoil hat on) maybe there will be something that ties SWTOR into The Force Awakens? OMG WILL SWTOR BE CANNON?!?!?!??! (Yeah I know, I’m so funny).

SWTOR has a history of over hyping little things leading us to believe something big is on the horizon, only to disappoint us with mediocre revelations. I refuse to fall for their marketing bullshit again.

They have an opportunity to do something right by the MMO Players who still (barely) cling to SWTOR and finally give us some new MMO content! But no doubt this opportunity will pass them by. We’ll hear more about story and choices and how something matters?.. Or maybe they will FINALLY bring Vaylin’s Armor out on the Cartel Market? (Actually, we’ll probably get Vaylin’s armor long before we get a new Warzone or Operation). I would be more than happy for them to delay bringing us more story content if it means we get a brand new Warzone and Operation. But we know that’s never going to happen..

In all seriousness, I’m not expecting much from this announcement. If it is actually something big and I’m wrong, then so be it. But I won’t be getting my hopes up for anything spectacular.

What do you think the announcement will entail? Are you not so patiently waiting for a new Warzone and/or Operation?


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  • Personally I suspect that it will just be an announcement about some new subscriber perk, since they did poll us on that not long ago. Even if that would be a remarkably quick turnaround.

    • Agreed. I’m starting to think it’s going to be some kind of subscriber perk reward system. Guess we’ll see on Tuesday. 🙂

  • Given how fast they reversed most of the companion nerfs, I’m starting to wonder if the prediction of a large chunk of ‘story only’ people unsubbing after they consumed the first nine chapters is true. Hyping the next chapter, showing off new (maybe even sexy) subscriber rewards, and possibly even teasing Season 2 would be one way of keeping the game in front of the more casual folks.

    Reminding folks that “we’re still here and still have cool stuff coming’ is good for them given the movie is coming, Battlefront is out, and another, bigger MMO has had a massive info dump and started their beta testing.