Podcast Appearance: The Republic Episode 198 – Some Additional Discussion

Hey Everyone,

As most of you are probably aware by now I was a guest host on The Republic, Episode 198 on GameBreakerTV with Larry, Heather and Redna. This was my first Podcast appearance and it was a little scary for me. But here it is for those who missed the live stream:

There are a couple of things which were discussed during the Podcast which I wanted to discuss a bit more. I kind of felt like I didn’t always give the best answers as I don’t always do well when put on the spot. So I just blurted whatever came into my head.

More Emphasis on Story

Well I think this is a good direction they are taking because that is a big draw card for the game. But I do not want them to focus too much on story at the expense of other types of content. Ideally (like Larry said) they should aim to integrate PvP and Operations etc. into the story.

It sounds like they plan to continue with the same format the used with Shadow of Revan. Having an overall story and integrating small, unique tidbits for each class along with having the odd class mission along the way. Ideally I’d like see more tie in to the overall story to each class story and vice versa with more companion interaction but I don’t really see that happening.

well that was easy ooo I can haz

The PvP Issues

PvP content has been stagnant for a very long time and it feels as though SWTOR isn’t giving it the attention it deserves.I think the best way to tackle this is to first think about why people PvP? What is about PvP that they like? Do they want a competitive/challenging experience? Do they like the epic feel? Do they like large scale skirmishes or small scale dueling arena’s? Or do people just want to muck around have fun with their friends/guildies? Just finding that essence of what drives someone to want to PvP and how they have fun are certainly elements to consider.

My current thinking is that there isn’t really a solution to fixing PvP without making new content and increasing the population pool via cross server or whatever. They have to create the content to keep the players engaged and it’s clear that Arena’s aren’t doing it for most. Yes, Arena’s offer a challenge/competitive aspect, to some extent, but when you got everyone rolling the FOTM classes it gets boring.

Random PvP Action Shot to break up walls of text.
Random PvP Action Shot to break up walls of text.

People will often cite the reason why they don’t do Ranked Arena’s is because their class isn’t FOTM or they feel their class isn’t viable. So they blame class balance. It is somewhat a poor excuse as a good player can overcome those obstacles. But it doesn’t really matter what they do they won’t ever be able to make all classes viable in an arena setting. It’s easier for Warzones. In Warzones, every single class has a role or something they can contribute and if you put the time and effort in you can do well with any class. It just feels like the skill cap is higher with ranked.

I personally do not like arena’s that much. I’m not a big fan of that style of engagement. I prefer objective based PvP and larger scale encounters. Mindlessly killing people in a small arena setting gets old pretty quickly. It becomes the same old same old. Warzones offer a much more varied experience which keeps PvP interesting.

When it comes to Ranked, every season I say I’m going to give it a good go and see how well I do. But then I’ll quickly get bored or get frustrated by the people I get teamed with or I just lose interest. Last Season I got particularly pissed off at the amount of abuse I coped as a healer. There is nothing more frustrating then working your fucking guts out to keep your team alive only to the Dps fucking turn around and abuse you for apparently not healing them even though you were fucking healing them. (I reckon this is another reason why people don’t like arena’s people take things waaaay to seriously and are so abusive).

Another random PvP Action shot to break up even more walls of text..
Another random PvP Action shot to break up even more walls of text..

So TLDR there isn’t really a single solution and it’s not going to be easy. Cross server type queues to breach population gaps and adding more content are the easiest, most viable solutions. More needs to be done on Bioware’s part to encourage more PVP participation but I feel the player base could also help. How?


From what I’ve seen a lot of player made initiatives to get people more enthusiastic or into PvP ultimately don’t work. Bioware are the ones that need to take the initiative and create the content considering skill levels and varying player styles. The best players can do to help then, is to keep coming up with ideas/suggestions on making PvP a better experience and hopefully they’ll take our feedback into consideration. Haaaaaa ha…

Ravagers Exploit

I’m not 100% satisfied with how the punishments were executed by Bioware. The laying out of the punishment sounds inconsistent but I guess we will find out more over the coming days. But all the same it is good that they did something, for once. Maybe it can be a precedent for the future. But I’m not that optimistic. I’m doing a blog post on this which I hope to have out soon™ where I’ll discuss this a bit more.


Just to warp things up, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for all the kind words and support I received over the past couple of days! You are all awesome!

So what are some of your ideas for fixing PvP in SWTOR?

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  • I was here when stor came for sale in Canada few months after it was in the USA was nothing much to do at 50 enjoyed the pvp and back then there was a large list of severs then before long they open up the eu severs then soon after that the sever drop in pop then they did the move over to what we have and then again pvp was here and there but now its like they do not care about it any more. they go with the store line and say that thats what we want any one knows if its a new toon you have to do the class main story to get the crew if not its jut you and the ones you unlocked to craft with ship chat box and the one you left the starting zone with. If they find some one at bio ware that plays pvp they would find there is a need if not they soon lose more of there loved fans cause of the lack of pvp

  • Sadly I do not believe there is much the development team can do to improve Swtor’s PVP. It is definitely not a priority in their minds and I think that a combination of the games engine limitations and the size of the development team that is now left working on the game has pretty much tied their hands.

    I remember the developers talking Swtor’s PVP up big prior to launch, world PVP on Ilum, the various PVP modes and of course Swtor’s baby Huttball. Ilum fell apart and was to be retooled but instead of fixing it they scrapped their original vision for something no one wanted.

    Huttball is extrememly popular so why only 2 maps for it. You would think that making a PVP map would be alot less work than coming up with a complex operation or new game system being implemented so why is it so quiet on the PVP front. I can only surmise that Swtor does not have a PVP dev team anymore, they have been moved on to shadowrealms or into other depatments within Bioware.

    Sadly not the answers anyone craving more PVP in Swtor would be wanting to read.

    • Yep, I agree with all your points except on Huttball. I personally would prefer them to do something new, but I do see your point on it perhaps being a little easier for them to produce more content for it quicker.

      It is a sad situation PvP is in right now. It has so much potential. I still have a small hope things could somehow improve but like you said that’s not going to happen without the developers putting a lot of time and effort into it.

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