Our First Look at Esne – One of Twin Operation Bosses

Today, SWTOR Tweeted our very first look at one of the twin Raid Bosses coming soon in the Gods of the Machine Operation, Esne.

We know from the SWTOR Community Cantina at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando that the other twin boss will be Aivela (the Goddess of passion).

Esne is described as:

A cunning battlefield warrior fueled by envy and hatred.

Esne (and Aivela) are part of the pantheon family of gods in Zakuul mythology. Esne is the Goddess of Envy. We have previously heard Esne mentioned specifically by Scions in Chapter 6 of Knight of the Fallen Empire in relation to Arcann. His jealousy of his father ultimately led to his downfall.

I am looking forward to seeing what her abilities are like. We saw with Tyth that his abilities and temperament mimicked the ‘rage’ attribute he represented. So we can expect to see the same with the other Bosses in Gods of the Machine Operation going forward.

The Zakuul Pantheon of Gods (aka Titan Droids from Iokath):

Here is the full-size image of Esne (click on the image to enlarge):

What do you think of Esne? Do you think her look would make for a nice armour set?


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