Opinion – The Elusive Second Road Map

Eric Musco, Community Manager for Star Wars The Old Republic recently provided an update on the status of the elusive second Road Map.

In it, he indicated that the shuffling around of content getting put into Game Updates 5.5 (currently scheduled for October 10th) and 5.6 is what is causing the delay. They want to attempt to ensure a quality update to avoid the issues of Game Update 5.4.

All we know about Game Update 5.5 is that it will include some more Class Changes and possibly the next Boss encounter in the ‘Gods of the Machine’ Operation.

In the previous Road Map released on the 31st of May, Keith indicated that we would be getting another Road Map every quarter. It has now been over 3 months and we still don’t have another Road Map.

I’m not going to lie, I was feeling hopeful about the Road Map and willing to give the Developers some more time with it especially considering Musco’s comments about in his recent interview with Corellian Run Radio. But Musco’s recent update has given me pause.

I feel conflicted about the Road Map’s status. On the one hand, they really don’t even have to give us a Road Map in the first place. They’re doing it more because they know we really want one and because Keith Kanneg, Lead Producer, is using it as a means to increase communication with the player base (though, his communications have waned of late). So I am grateful that we are getting another Road Map to begin with.

But, on the other hand, I’m getting increasingly anxious about the future of the Game. At this stage, there isn’t anything for me to look forward to at all content wise. I am finding it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to log into the game (when I even have the time) beyond for creating content or to hang out with my Boyfriend. I am even contemplating moving to a new server to hang out with players who have a different perspective of the game from me to try and freshen up my gameplay experience.

I’ve also been gradually been playing through the Jedi Knight Story for the 3rd time.

But that won’t change the fact that little to no attention has been given to PvP for quite some time. And please, don’t comment or tweet to me about Ranked cause we all know how terrible a state that’s in given Class Balance. PvP desperately needs better Class Balance and new Content to liven it up again. Yes, a new Warzone was hinted at in the May Road Map. But it’s honestly going to take more than that to bring PvP back to its former glory *cough* 8v8 Ranked *cough*.

What Keith said about PvP in the May Road Map (yellow highlighting done by me).

We know Keith wants to take the game back to its MMO roots but it’s sadly happening at quite a slow pace. A symptom likely of a small Development team with limited resources (could you imagine what SWTOR would be like with the resources that Battlefront II has?!).

Increased communication bred hope for a time. Now it is waning in the face of little communication. But to be fair, what more could Keith say about various topics of interest to the players that he hasn’t already said (without revealing their future plans)? He was already starting to repeat himself when he was actively communicating anyway. But nonetheless, his communications did give the players hope.

I have been far less invested in the game than I used to be which has allowed me more patience than most players. But even my patience is beginning to reach its limits (especially in regards to PvP, obviously). Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too much longer for them to release the Road Map and more importantly, to know exactly where the game is heading.

Perhaps Chuck and Brian from Bad Feeling Podcast can get some answers out of Eric Musco and Charles Boyd when they interview them on Friday the 22nd of September at 8 pm CDT! You can watch the interview live on twitch.tv/badfeelingpodcast.

What do you think? Are you willing to give them more time or are you starting to lose patience?



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