No, The Old Republic Doesn’t Need Vanilla Servers

Just bring back 8 v 8 Ranked.

That’s all we need from the vanilla Star Wars The Old Republic days. Or I guess the old Tracer Missile animation that one guy that keeps asking for it.

But seriously? When it comes to features and the ‘quality of life’ we had in the Vanilla days it was very limited compared to what we have now. Think of how long it took us to get places, the limited Quick Travel, the slow levelling. The game has improved so much over the years I feel it would be incredibly painful to go back and play the game in its vanilla state.

There really isn’t that much that stands the test of time. Sure it would be nice if we could go back and do Class Stories when the bosses were actually hard (because that was fun) or classic Lost Island or even NIM EV or KP (for giggles).

I have plenty of fond memories of my Vanilla days. But I won’t be fooled by nostalgia for ‘the good old days’.

Just bring back 8 v 8 Ranked. It’s nostalgia worth bringing back. Besides, it would be much cheaper than building a whole Vanilla Server.

I reached out to the lovely SWTOR Twitter community to ask them what they liked about Vanilla SWTOR and here’s what they had to say!

What do you miss about Vanilla SWTOR? Anything we no longer have access to you’d like to see make a comeback?


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